Have You Heard About This Weird Skin Change That Can Happen During Pregnancy?

Most people know that pregnancy causes all sorts of changes in woman's body, but they probably haven't heard of this one.

The majority of us, moms or not, can rattle off a list of common pregnancy symptoms. Weight gain, increased appetite, and frequent trips to the bathroom are well known. Most women who have been pregnant can add things like thick shiny hair, swollen feet, and loose ligaments to the list. Many will even note that some women experience darkening of the skin and hair during pregnancy, but few will know about this interesting skin change experienced by Sheridan Hawkins.

When Sheridan first became pregnant, a small red mole appeared on her upper lip. As she progressed, the mole grew and became more pronounced. After she gave birth, it shrunk back down into a tiny red dot before disappearing completely. And when Sheridan became pregnant again, the mole returned. In fact, it was the first pregnancy symptom she noticed.

Via Sheridan Hawkins

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Sheridan's doctor explained that the mole was a result of increased blow flow during pregnancy. That's why it grew as she progressed, and shrunk back down after she had the baby. In fact, moles in pregnancy are quite common. Moles that a woman already has tended to grow larger and become darker and many women notice new moles appearing on their body. This is due to increased melanin in the body, which can also cause freckles and darkening of the hair or irises. The odd thing about Sheridan's mole is its red color. This is because increased blood flow accounts for its appearance, as opposed to increased melanin, which appears brown.

Most women choose to keep their pregnancies private for the first several weeks or even months. Many prefer to wait out the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage drops significantly, while others simply wish to keep things under wraps until their bump speaks for itself. Some do like to spill the beans right off the bat, but Sheridan isn't one of them. However, if she ever becomes pregnant again, she's sure she won't be able to keep it a secret from friends and family for long.

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