Mom Accuses Mother-In-Law Of Putting Toddler In Danger While Peeling Vegetables

One woman is furious after her mother-in-law allowed her toddler to help peel vegetables, which she says was age-inappropriate. But is this mom overreacting? The anonymous mother took to Mumsnet to voice her frustration regarding the situation. When she went to pick her 4-year old daughter up from a sleepover at her paternal grandmother’s house, the mom was shocked to learn her child had been allowed to peel a variety of vegetables all on her own. The mom explained her daughter "peeled all the potatoes, carrots and parsnips” while the mother-in-law cleaned up the house.

The mom went on to state that she doesn’t believe a 4-year old is old enough to use a potato peeler all on their own, especially unattended. "Am I being unreasonable to be narked that my daughter is 4 and a potato peeler is dangerous especially unattended or am I being silly and it's just her growing up?” she asked the online community. She added, "I don't know what to think but I wouldn't personally leave somebody's child or my own unattended peeling my veg."

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The mother’s situation sparked a fierce debate in the comments section. Some fellow parents said they couldn’t see the harm, and, in fact, their kids peel vegetables all the time. "I think it's fine. My kids used the peeler at that age and I wasn't always in the room,” one mom wrote. Another added, "Kids often love to help in the kitchen, especially when they have proper responsibility. Makes them want to rise to the challenge."

Some folks even argued that a worst case scenario isn’t even that bad in this instance. "Worst case, she nicks herself. Best case, she's learned a handy new skill,” one person argued. Another commented, "Much better than your mother-in-law sticking her in front of the TV," a third replied.”

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At the same time, however, some people sympathized with the worried mom. While not many agreed that she should’ve gotten so upset with the mother-in-law, they could at least see where she was coming from. One person pointed out: "I think we always worry about our children but the only way for them to learn is for them to try it.” A different comment read, "Your worry is understandable, but they do love to help and as others have said your four-year-old has learnt a new skill."

What do you think about this situation, BabyGaga readers? Was this mom in the right or did she overreact? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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