Mom Admits Her Daughter Tried To Eat A Tampon Thinking It Was Chocolate

One mom revealed the hilarious sight she stumbled upon after her daughter confused a tampon for a Twix bar. Yes, we’re serious!

Carly Cox turned to The Motherload Facebook group to share the hilarious situation her 5-year old daughter Evie got herself into. In the hilarious post, which relayed the conversation between the mother and daughter, Carly said she told her daughter she could have a candy or chocolate, believing the little girl had her eye on a Twix bar. But she was sorely mistaken.

“Mum, can I eat one of those sweets in the orange wrapper?” the little girl asked her mother, to which Carly replied, “Yes babe, sit at the table though.” Clearly, Carly wasn’t paying close attention, however, because she didn’t realize what her daughter was munching on until it was too late. Carly only looked up when her daughter asked, “Mum how do I eat it?”

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The mother replied, “Like you do any chocolate, open and bite it.” To that, her daughter said, “Mum it doesn’t taste like chocolate.”

That’s when Carly realized the ‘orange thing’ her daughter had been referring to was actually a tampon in its wrapper. She didn’t realize what the child was doing until the so-called candy in her mouth and was trying to chew it. Carly accompanied her post with a photo of the half-eaten tampon.

The comments section went wild for Carly’s post, with many fellow moms saying they couldn’t contain their laughter. One person said they were “howling” while another said the story had “made her night.” Even better, however, was that Carly’s post inspired the other parents to share their own cringe-worthy parenting mistakes.

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One commenter said her child also thought tampons were some sort of candy, writing, "Mine thought they were sweets when they were younger.” Another person shared this hilarious tale: "[I] went upstairs when my lot were little to find sanitary pads all over the windows.... They told me they were playing with airplanes." Clearly, Carly wasn’t alone!

Like most household items, tampons pose a potential choking risks to young children. So, even though it may be funny to see them chowing down on one, it’s important to take it away as soon as possible. According to Baby Goo Roo, the most common choking hazards for kids include batteries, balloons, uncut fruits, small toys, and art supplies. Remember, anything small enough to get lodged in a child’s windpipe can be a potential danger.

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