Mom And Dad's Parenting Style Based On Their Zodiacs

Ever wonder what a person's zodiac sign can tell them about their parenting style? Well look no further! This article has been broken down to include all the astrological moms and dads out there who are curious to see what their parenting style will be like, especially if they're soon-to-be first time parents. Parenting is no easy task and every zodiac sign has their own strengths when it comes to the parenting arena.

Zodiac power couples are ones that balance each other, sometimes another perspective helps because parenting is all about trial and error and above all else, constant creativity! I've called upon some celebrity mom and pop examples to help give you a better idea of their parenting style, because these celebs embody their zodiac signs to a tee!

I know you’re probably wondering if there is a zodiac sign that parents better? As if it’s some sort of competition - but I guarantee you, we’re all in the same boat. There are no prizes for parenting, you win some you lose some and you keep trucking. Every zodiac sign has its flaws but they also have some great parenting tools too!

Have you ever heard the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well it’s true, there’s something of great benefit from every parent and their zodiac sign, we can learn so much from one another.

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24 Aquarius Mom - The Biggest Heart

The Aquarius momma is open-minded and progressive, they want that for their children too! Shakira is an example of an Aquarius mom who wants her kids to be worldly and open to what the world has to offer, she's also extremely passionate and wears her heart on her sleeve like most Aquarius mommas do. The Aquarius mom will want to be her child's best friend, she will share adventures and stories with them and teach them the value of giving back. Aquarius moms are humanitarians and they want their kids to be caring human beings first and foremost. It can be a lot of pressure on any child with an Aquarian mom to live up to her expectations. It’s important to remind your kiddos that they don’t need to be you to be successful in life.

23 Aquarius Dad - Finding Balance

Aquarius dads are free spirits, they love to laugh and they love to be silly. Ashton Kutcher is certainly used to being silly on and off screen, especially now that he's dad to two little ones. Aquarius dads love to communicate, silence is their worst enemy, there's nothing worse than asking how your child's day was only to get one-word answers. It can be tricky to find balance between talking and listening, especially with a need to fill moments of silence with conversation. Sometimes kids take time to process what they want to say, give them a little quiet time and you'll be surprised what stories they'll prepare for you. The most important lesson Aquarian dads will teach their kids is how to stop caring what others think about them and love who they are!

22 Pisces Mom - Follow Your Intuition

Pisces parents are creative, encouraging and truly value kindness. Pisces moms are often described as angels as are their children, especially since it's built into the Pisces personality to go above and beyond for others. They love to help, they genuinely care and they are intuitive to other people’s needs and feelings. This is how Ryan Gosling often describes his love Eva Mendes. Pisces moms are the kind that know what you need before you know what it is you need, it’s that intuition that really has their kiddos impressed and in awe of them. One thing is for sure, they will never doubt your love and care for them. Pieces moms are big dreamers and they often remind their children to dream big and follow their heart. Pisces moms are their kid’s cheerleaders, but remember not to lose yourself in your mom role, Pisces can forget to take care of themselves sometimes.

21 Pisces Dad - Express Yourself

Pisces dads are a mixed bag, they are described as serious but also easygoing. Pisces dads can worry too much, especially about the future, the very very distant future. Pisces dads are the one’s thinking about their toddler’s high school problems before they even get there! Pisces dads have to be cautious not to pass that “worrying” onto their kids because it can cause their kiddos to be anxious about the future. Pisces dads love to travel, they love art and they love music. So, you see Adam Levine fits perfectly into the creative Pisces profile. Pisces dads love to break out the paints, the piano or some photography. They want to teach their children positive ways to express themselves and the arts offer that, plus they also love to show off their creative side, which means you may want to be wary of the Pisces dad wanting to takeover school projects.

20 Aries Mom - Strive For Greatness

Famous Aries mom Mariah Carey is all about finding confidence and passing that onto her kids Moroccan and Monroe. This fire sign is all about finding success and any Aries mom is sure to want to ignite that fire and have her children not only chasing the stars but catapulting towards them! Aries is known for being super ambitious and it's important not to impose expectations on our kids that are way beyond their years; encouraging is one thing, but adding pressure to be successful can strain the relationship with kids. Aries moms are also known for their tempers, they have a lot of love to give but if you push their buttons one too many times, kiddos better make it up to her ASAP! This mom works hard for her family in every way and she loves to feel appreciated.

19 Aries Dad - Gotta Lighten Up

The Aries dad is cool and confident just like Robert Downey Jr. You may not have the iron suit but you will often take on challenges with humour, quick wit and especially sarcasm. Just be careful, that rubs off! The Aries male can also be stubborn, which may lead to a strained relationship if you're too tough on them. Remember it's important to pick your battles, not all are worth it, especially since your kid may begin to see you as overbearing or bossy. The Aries dad is a natural leader and very comfortable in that role, it's hard for this dad to hand the reigns over to someone else, but if you can try from time to time, then they’re golden; your kids like to know you trust them, or at least offer that illusion.

18 Taurus Mom - Overdoing It

The Taurus mom is extremely affectionate and with such emotional lyrics, you can tell that Adele is certainly a Taurus that spills her heart into everything she does, including parenting. Taurus women are all about providing their kids with security and contentment and putting them first. The Taurus mom is all about family and likes to plan life around family time, but remember “you” time is important too! Once the Taurus woman becomes the Taurus mom, the former woman disappears and the mom identity takes over. Taurus mom take momming very seriously, they never want to disappoint their kids and will certainly drop anything to be there at their beck and call. The Taurus mom amplifies guilt, which causes her to do too much, sometimes causing unrealistic expectations as her kids get older. Mom is not the maid!

17 Taurus Dad - BFFs

The Taurus dad is extremely patient, unless of course you push his buttons. David Beckham is every bit the family man, truly proud of all his kids accomplishments, he loves being a dad, but you can tell he doesn't take any lip and runs a tight ship. Taurus dads run on mutual respect and always finds a way to administer discipline while still letting his kids know that they are loved even if they make those mistakes. Taurus dads are the ones their kids will later describe as their “best friends” and they’ll actually mean it. Taurus dads are fun to be around, they’re outgoing, they’re social, and they take their kids everywhere with them. They don’t believe in leaving the kiddos behind, instead they hope their kids will adopt their go-with-the-flow attitude early on.

16 Gemini Mom - Devil's Advocate

Gemini mom Angelina Jolie is certainly a superstar mom, and with six kids you have to be! Gemini moms are impulsive and love to explore, so last minute adventures and lots of travel are definitely in the plans. You love museum visits, parks and generally love being outside, the great outdoors offers all you crave, adventure, exercise and family bonding time. Gemini moms also love to debate, so kids love to reel you into a discussion they know will light the fire within you, basically they know how to push your buttons and play devil’s advocate, don’t let them have that one. Gemini are natural teachers, they spend a lot of time explaining the world to their children and love to be asked a question, they’re always happy to answer, and luckily very patient because we all know children will ask the same questions several times!

15 Gemini Dad - Pillar Of Strength

Gemini Dads like Kanye West are extremely invested in their kids, they're great listeners when it comes to their little ones and they have the ability to tune out all the rest. Even though Gemini love to be busy and work hard, deep down they know what's truly important, and that’s family. Gemini dads are also quite sensitive and anxious, you worry about everything and anything, but when it comes to your kids how could you not? You may also take things your kids say personally at times and hide what hurts you until it builds up - remember those discussions and opening up about your feelings are important teachable moments as well. It’s okay for dad to have feelings too, but the Gemini dad always wants to be the pillar of strength and sometimes forgets to ask for help.

14 Cancer Mom - Family Traditions

Liv Tyler was born under the sign Cancer and as you can see she's all about making every moment count, spending lots of time with family and cherishing family traditions. The Cancer mom would have a million babies if they could, they’re the soothing, nurturing type and they love having big families. Moms under this sign know how to keep their cool, even in the most stressful situations, you’ll wonder how they do it, but it’s definitely something they were born with the ability to do. They know everything is temporary and they maintain positivity, which will in turn make their children feel at ease. Cancer moms are all about creating memories and traditions that will be passed on, whether it be Friday movie nights or Pizza making parties on Sundays, Cancer moms know that being together is the most important thing.

13 Cancer Dad - The Best Huggers

Kevin Hart just added another little one to his brood and he's over the moon! Cancer dads love being dads! Although challenging, it's truly the job of their dreams. The Cancer dad loves to be involved in every aspect of their children's lives, which means sharing their hobbies, learning about their favourite things and getting to know their friends. You have a lot of love to give, but sometimes you’re guilty of drowning your kids in attention, which they love when they're young, but as teens, not so much. Remember to step back a bit and allow them room to grow on their own, too. This sign is the constant cuddler, they love to cuddle with their kids and they’re excellent huggers, some may even say they’re the best huggers in the zodiac!

12 Leo Mom - Always Watching

Leo's are said to be quite braggy and Mila Kunis seems far from the bragging type, she will never brag about herself but when it comes to her kids and her husband, she's happy to talk about every little accomplishment and how wonderful they are, because Leo moms beam with pride! You'll find joy in every win and mount every trophy your kids ever get, even if it's only a participation medal, you love to celebrate them! Leo moms are extremely protective, maybe a little over-protective at times, this is where mom and child will butt heads and what children will rebel against. Remember to allow your children some freedoms, let them know you trust them, even if you’re still watching nearby in the bushes as they go on their first date. Yes, that will be you!

11 Leo Dad - Only The Best

Super dad Ben Affleck is a Leo and he has always fiercely protected his kids. There aren't many photos of his kids floating around and that's all about wanting to keep them safe. The Leo dad can sometimes fall victim to spoiling the kiddos, you love to see them light up when you buy them something they've been talking about for months and months. You’re also a pro at cheering up any gloomy child, you have a natural knack for turning that frown upside-down. As your kids grow older you will find it difficult to let them go and have their own lives. Leo dads become extremely attached to their brood and when it comes time to add a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend to the equation, they can become extremely critical, but it’s only because they demand the best for their kids!

10 Virgo Mom - Take On The World

Virgo moms are all about formation, or should I say structure? They love a routine and have everyone in line, essentially, they run a tight ship. Beyoncé certainly seems like a meticulous planner, she probably planned her pregnancy photoshoot like she does her world tours! Virgo moms run the world, err I mean home, they like to keep order and make things easier for everyone else, but it's important to remember to let the kiddos do things for themselves too! Virgo’s are perfectionists, so why would they treat their parenting any differently? Virgo moms are the type to want to constantly improve, even if that means reading a pile of parenting books and trying the latest recipes your kids will love. Virgo moms often exhaust themselves with the demands they place on themselves.

9 Virgo Dad - Motivating Or Pushy?

The Virgo dad is super attentive but can be quick to worry, even visiting the doctor for every little thing due to parent paranoia, but it's all about love and wanting your kids to be healthy and happy. One Direction's Liam Payne is a new poppa and he's loving every minute of it. He's certainly the ever-attentive poppa and you can tell he'd do anything for his little one. Virgo dads love to nurture their children’s passions, they are excited to find out what sport, hobby or artistic talent they have. Virgo loves to motivate, but sometimes too much can come off as pushy, which may feel like too much pressure for the kiddo to handle. Be sure to be their cheerleader rather than their critique squad or coach, they need your hugs more than your voice sometimes.

8 Libra Mom - Don't Cave

INGLEWOOD, CA - MARCH 31: In this handout photo provided by Forum Photos, Among the VIP guests of Managing Partner, Shelli Azoff, and Ariana Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, in the exclusive Forum Club enjoying the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman show at the Forum were Kim Kardashian and daughter, North West on March 31, 2017 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty Images)

Libra's are super easy going, you will easily earn your place as the "chill mom" amongst your kids group of friends. Kim Kardashian is a Libra and you can tell she goes with the flow, trying not to let things overwhelm her even when there’s lots of drama surrounding her. Libra's don't sweat the small stuff, but they do demand honesty, there would be no secrets in that household. Libra’s like to talk things out, even if it starts as an argument, they believe it’s better to let it out than hold it all in and let it fester! Libra moms can be too lenient at times, giving in easily to their child's demands, being “chill” is fine but remember kids need structure and rules too, so it’s important to stick to them as you make them, kids will remember the times you caved or gave in.

7 Libra Dad - "Cool As A Cucumber"

Libra dads are just as easy going as Libra moms, and Ryan Reynolds is the perfect example of the "cool as a cucumber" mentality that Libra's hold. You'll never see him freak out, unless it's been scripted beforehand as a gag. Libra dads are creative, they love to tell elaborate bedtimes stories that leave their kiddos imaginations running wild, they’ll even use crazy voices just to entertain their kiddos. They work hard for those smiles! You love to take your kids out and have them experience the world, but can feel hurt if they aren't as awestruck as you are by a cool concert or museum or film. Your kid’s apathy will irk you, and so the teen years may be a struggle as you attempt to find common interests.

6 Scorpio Mom - Overly Invested

Scorpio moms like Anne Hathaway love to create little routines and invest in extracurriculars like dance, or sports or music. You believe in a balanced life for your kids, but sometimes balance means busy, be sure not to overwhelm the kiddos with too many passions, and definitely allow them to pick what they love rather than implement fun - allow them to lead sometimes, too. Scorpio moms become very invested in their kids’ lives and sometimes have trouble when their kids begin to break away as teens and start their lives away from their parents. Fret not, your kids will still come to you when they need advice because Scorpio moms are great listeners. The Scorpio mom is always there when they’re needed most and your kids will never forget that.

5 Scorpio Dad - Will Always Show Up

The Scorpio dad likes to keep to himself, he prefers quiet outings with the kids over elaborately planned events. Scorpio’s are secretive, they are perhaps the best secret keepers, which means your kids will trust you with all their secrets, especially the ones you have to keep from mom. The Scorpio dad can be strict at times but he's also got the biggest heart. Scorpio dad Ryan Gosling finds balance in his life and definitely keeps out of the spotlight unless he's on the red carpet. He likes to keep things extremely normal for his girls. The Scorpio dad’s love is fierce and he constantly shows that through actions; he’s the dad that shows up to every ball game or recital, he’s the dad who pushes mom out of the way to change diapers.

4 Sagittarius Mom - Embrace The Moment

The Sagittarius parent has a lust for life and it’s contagious! You can only hope that your children will inherit your enthusiasm, because a kid who’s a party pooper is your worst nightmare! In your excitement you take them on as many trips as you can afford, you don’t believe in wasting time and you can appreciate that time with your little ones is too short! For you, travel is as much of an education as regular school, and you want your children to learn outside the box. As much as you love them, you encourage them to become independent and move away from you, which is hard on mom but they know it’s a healthy transition that all kids need to be strong adults. Chrissy Teigen is certainly a fun loving mom, she’s always smiling and you know it’s not fake, she’s genuinely happy because she chases happiness and finds the beauty in every moment.

3 Sagittarius Dad - Share The Wisdom

Sagittarius dads like to remind their kids about where they come from, the natural historian of the house will enjoy building family trees and showing their kids where they grew up. They take pride in their traditions and celebrations and will even make up a few family traditions of their own. They believe in the power of memory and love to document precious moments with amazing photographs. Jay-Z is certainly one proud poppa, he loves to show Blue Ivy around New York where he was born and raised and wants her to love the city, too. They can always be found around NYC on cute father-daughter play dates. Sagittarius dads are wise, they love to give sage advice, even if they know it may go in one ear and out the other, they may still listen to 50% percent of the advice, and that’s still enough of a win.

2 Capricorn Mom - Level Headed

Capricorns are all about life lessons and teachable moments, these mommas pride themselves on being excellent role models for their children and presenting them with powerful examples of exemplary people to look up to. Kate Middleton is certainly a momma to be admired, even though she's in the public eye, she's able to give her children a sort of normalcy that seems impossible for royals to achieve, yet she does, because Capricorns are a determined bunch of mommas! Capricorns are also very practical, they’re not daydreamers, they keep their feet on the ground and make sure their children have a sense of reality, too. They like to budget and they like to show kids the value of a dollar. Capricorn moms are also big believers in earning rewards, either through chores, or schoolwork or good manners.

1 Capricorn Dad - Teaching Them To Thrive

Capricorn dads don't take many things very seriously, life is too short for that and they love to live in the moment. The one thing they do take very seriously is parenting, they realize that parenting is a serious business and that raising little humans is no small task. Capricorn dads love to educate, filling their children’s world with books, movies and educational toys that expand their world. In John Legend's case, I'm sure he'll be educating little Luna on music history and how to play an instrument of her own someday. She definitely has one of the best music teachers out there! Capricorn dads love to reflect and that can sometimes mean dwelling on parent fails. It’s important to “Let it go, Let it go” because we can only change the future, not the past.

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