This Mom Is Angry With Sister-In-Law For Getting Her Kids' Names Tattooed Without Permission

A mother wrote on Reddit about how her sister-in-law put her kid's names on her arm without asking for permission.

One woman shared on Reddit after she had the most bizarre moment with her sister-in-law.  The mother has two children and she has a sister-in-law that she never sees. The mother shared to Reddit that her children have a very lackluster relationship with their aunt. She isn't the "cool" aunt that they beg to see. They see her about once a year and when they do see her she doesn't really spend quality time with them. The mother shares that when she does get to see the kids the aunt never tries to get to know them as people and sometimes even tries to parent them.

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The mother even shares one time that her sister-in-law came to visit the kids and she sent her friend to Mcdonalds with the kids. Then the sister-in-law took a picture from the friend's camera and put it up on social media as if she had gone to Mcdonalds with the kids. The mother said that the kids certainly like her well enough, but they don't ever ask about her or wonder if they could see her again.

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One day, the sister-in-law showed the mother that she got new tattoos. When the woman looked at her sister-in-law's tattoos she noticed that they were her kid's names. The sister-in-law legit went and got the kids' names tattooed on her body. The mom was not flattered in the slightest. She was actually very mad and said that she said that "she feels violated." The woman said that her sister-in-law had no right to place the kids' names on her arm. Especially since she has almost zero relationships with them. The mother said that the weirdest thing is that the sister-in-law is still in childbearing years, but has not had kids yet but plans on it. So, is the sister-in-law going to tattoo her kids' names on her body too?

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Then the mother even talks about how when the sister-in-law showed the tattoo to the family she went on to talk about how the kids would be taking care of her when she is in a nursing home. The woman asks, why in the world would my children take care of their aunt who they don't even spend time with? They will have their own families. The mother also mentions that the tattoo is very large and probably extremely expensive. The mother shared that she has felt a lot of anger about the situation and she hasn't really figured out how to handle any of it.

Reddit users were very mixed about their emotions towards the whole situation. Many people agreed with the original poster. They totally saw where she was coming from and most people understood why she was so upset. Many people agreed that the sister-in-law overstepped her bounds and should not have done what she did. However, there were some people who thought that the original poster was very dramatic and said that she was overreacting.

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