Indiana Mom Arrested For Neglect After Death Of 2-Month-Old-Baby

Because of the negligence of the mother, a two-month-old baby died. The case was first registered on September 14 morning, and Fallon Bonnell has been booked into jail and held on a cash bond of $250,000.

At around 9 am on September 14, emergency personnel were called to an apartment south of Boonville as the Warrick County Sheriff's Office reported an infant, Amara Taleno, was found unresponsive on a couch. The woman performing CPR reported the child to be dead, and the firefighter also confirmed to a detective the same. After paramedics arrived, they tried all means to save the child. However, one of them confirmed that the child had died due to smothering, several hours before the arrival of the emergency crew.

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23-year-old Bonnell reportedly told paramedics, "I know I killed her. I smothered her.” Both the parents were interviewed. Bonnell elaborated that after the father had returned from work the previous night, she had around five beers. The father had put the baby to bed, and at about 2 am, he had gone to sleep while Bonnell was still awake. She has no memory of what happened after that – not even how the baby ended up on the couch. The Indiana mother reportedly claimed, "I know she must have smothered. Like, I know she must have because there is all this stuff on (the couch). And I was just asleep."

The father reported that when he woke up in the morning to get ready for his work, he found the baby missing from the bassinet. He panicked and woke her up, who was in bed with him. She reported not remembering how she landed up in the bedroom. "It's my fault, clearly. I knew that it had to have been," she reportedly said. "I figured I just... fell asleep and was like on her."

When the father found the baby, she was on the couch in the living room with a pillow and some blankets, one to three inches from her face, one of which he said was wet. The couple took the baby downstairs – her feet and face were blue, but she was still making noises then.

In the affidavit, the mother said, “She might have been like angled a certain way and like choked on her spit or something.”

In the breath test for alcohol, for which the father tested 000, Bonnell tested at .068. Her urine test also came back positive for marijuana, while the father's was clean. It is believed that her blood alcohol concentration was likely .200 around the time the father went to bed.

During her interview in October, she claimed the last thing she remembered was hanging out with the child on the couch. She also admitted to smoking marijuana and consuming a margarita and Zoloft along with the five beers.

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At a court hearing on Monday, the state issued formal charges against her and appointed an attorney, with a progress hearing due on November 15.

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