Mom Arrested For Driving With Kids In Inflatable Pool On Top Of Car

A mom in Illinois was arrested recently for allowing her children to sit in an inflatable pool on top of a moving car.

Summer's here and the months-long struggle that is keeping your kids entertained while school's out has well and truly begun. Day trips are nice, but most of us can't afford to go on one every single day. On the flip side, there's only so much we can take of our kids running around the house screaming. And when we say "so much", we mean not a lot.

If you have a garden, your best bet is to set them loose out there and let them tire themselves out. Chances are if it's a big garden with plenty to do and the weather is good, they'll stay out there for hours and you might actually be able to get some stuff done. Annoyingly, not all of us have the luxury of a garden for our kids to play in.

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We're not sure whether Jennifer Yeager has a garden or not, but either way, we wouldn't recommend you follow in her parenting footsteps. NBC News reported this week that the Dixon, Illinois woman was stopped by police and arrested for letting her two daughters sit in an inflatable pool atop her SUV as they drove home.

Shockingly, this story gets even worse. The two children were not in an inflatable pool filled with water so they could stay cool on the ride home. They were sat in an empty pool on the car's roof so they could "hold it down" Yeager revealed to the Dixon Police Department. That's right, the pool wasn't being held to the car by anything more than the weight of the two children inside it.

Shockingly, this incredibly stupid act didn't end in a terrible accident. Police were only alerted to what was going on due to a concerned neighbor reporting what they had seen. Yeager was arrested on two counts of endangering the health or life of a child and two counts of reckless conduct. Dixon police later tweeted "Having your children sit in an inflatable pool on top of your car while driving will get you arrested."

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