South Carolina Mom Arrested After Her Newborn Tested Positive For Meth

As hard as it may be to admit, some women shouldn't become mothers. Sometimes it's because the mother in question doesn't have the proper means to care for a newborn baby. But the truth is, some mothers are just neglectful during and after pregnancy. This includes alcohol consumption and/or drug use that can negatively affect your child.

In Union, South Carolina, a new mom was arrested after her newborn tested positive for meth. You read that right- a baby tested positive for methamphetamine shortly after being born. The new mom in question has been identified as 38-year-old Jessica Rose Gill, but her baby girl remains unidentified.

The incident took place earlier this month. Gill was at a hospital and delivered her baby girl without incident. But after several standard tests run on the newborn, it was discovered that she tested positive for meth. Hospital staff promptly contacted police, as well as the South Carolina's Department of Social Services.

via Daily Arrest Reports


Gill- who also tested positive for meth- was interviewed by an employee from the Department of Social Services. Gill confessed to them that she had used meth just three days before giving birth to her daughter. This is according to a report from the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to Gill's irresponsible decision, the baby girl displayed many symptoms of meth withdrawal for at least four days after she was born. Because of this, she was subsequently hospitalized for withdrawal. It's unknown if she's still in the hospital or if she's since been released, but it appears as though she'll be okay. It's also assumed that she'll be in the care of the Department of Social Services.

Meanwhile, Gill has been charged with child neglect and exposing a child to methamphetamine. It appears that she's still in jail, and it's unknown what her bond is. It's also unknown if she's retained a lawyer at this time, as well as when she's due back in court. But what we do know is that her little girl is going to be okay now, and that's most important.

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