Mom Asked To Breastfeed In Private Room At Elementary School Instead Of In Public


Theresa Phillips was in Kiva Elementary waiting to pick up her daughter from school. She was waiting with her little baby. Her baby became fussy and she knew that meant that her baby would need to be fed. Phillips lifted up her shirt and began feeding her baby thinking that it was just no big deal.

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Phillips was minding her own business when Assistant Principal Matt Gromek, came up to talk to her. He told Philips that many of the students did not want to see her breastfeed and then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to go into a private room to continue feeding her child. Phillips said that she didn't want to go anywhere else and she wanted to stay right where she was. Gromek told her that he would prefer if she would find a private place to nurse. Phillips didn't want to move to a private place and wanted to continue nursing her child. She began filming the accounter so she would be able to share the odd event later on. The Assistant Principle then ushered her out of the school while a teacher said, "is that even legal?"

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A spokesperson for the school district came out and said that they did nothing wrong. They would never tell a woman to stop breastfeeding. They simply told her that she should move to a more private location. She then started filming the accounter, but she had no right to film in the school and video children. She had no permission to do so. The school district is still sticking by its decision to tell the woman to move to a different location.


Women are allowed to breastfeed in public and they are protected under the law to be able to do so in public wherever they would like. In fact, women are even allowed to breastfeed in public without using a cover. Gromek had no right to usher her out of the school for feeding her child. We should always promote breastfeeding and we should support mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies! The school district was definitely in the wrong in this situation!

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