One Year After Baby's Heart Transplant, Mom Searches For Organ Donor Family

One mom is searching for the family that saved her one-year-old's life following a heart transplant.

Renna Sickles revealed that her child, Titus was dealt a difficult hand before his birth. Born with a congenital heart defect, he only had half a working heart and a hole in the middle wall. Obviously, this is news no mom anticipates, but it gave time for doctors to prep. But thanks to one unknown donor, he was given a second shot at life, and she wants to say thanks almost a year later.

She's started a Facebook page in the hopes Titus' story will reach the right people, and so far, it has 1,500 members. She says at first, she wanted to give the family of whoever donated the heart some time to heal, but now, she wants to show the good that came from the unfortunate situation.


🎉I made it to my 1st Birthday!!! 🎂 PLEASE SHARE AND HELP ME FIND MY 💝 DONOR FAMILY?!

Posted by Rena Sickles on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

She spread the message in the most adorable way possible. In a family photo shoot — done by Sarah Masten — Sickles got Titus to take part in one extra photo by himself in the hopes of getting the word out regarding his recovery. Besides the smiling baby wearing suspenders and a bowtie, there is a chalkboard that reads:

"I’m Titus! I was born January 8, 2018, with a very sick heart. I received a heart transplant in Seattle, WA, on April 7, 2018, that saved my life. I respect if it hurts too much to reach out to us, but I need this to reach my donor family so I can say thank you for the gift of life. I’m healthy and alive because of you!"

While the story had a happy ending, it was a stressful few months for the entire family before the surgery. In an interview with Cafe Mom, the mother revealed that, following his birth, Titus was placed on a waiting list for a heart, and the family relocated to Washington in the hopes that he could have surgery. Both the mother and father had to keep a watchful eye on the newborn in case he showed any signs of heart failure, making an already stressful situation even tenser.


Yet after three months, they got good news.

"The cardiologist walked in and said, 'We just accepted an offer on a heart,' and that's when I had to grab onto the side of his crib because I felt so dizzy," Sickles told Cafe Mom.

It's truly touching, and one that should inspire the average person to go out and become an organ donor. In the USA, there are around 115,000 people waiting for an organ, and every 10 minutes, someone is added to that ever-growing list, according to the American Transplant Foundation. They also note that 20 people die a day die while waiting, yet one donor can save eight lives.

Thankfully, Titus wasn't a sad statistic. Hopefully, the donor's family is ready to see the good that came from their gift. Still, there's a chance that whoever it was saved more than just Titus.


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