10 Genius Mom Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Life can be busy for parents, especially if there’s a baby in the house. It seems like there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Well, have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of life hacks that will keep things running much more smoothly. From feeding tips to diapering shortcuts, these small changes can have a big impact.

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We’ve also covered comforting techniques, teething tips, and ways to be more organized. It’s so cool to learn that just a few new habits can make parenting life less crazy. Please enjoy this list of 10 Genius Mom Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier.

10 Play Radio Interference To Calm Crying Baby In The Car

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Imagine, if you will, that you’re driving in your car when your baby suddenly gets fussy in the backseat. Nothing you do seems to help and they just start crying louder and louder. A lot of little ones hate being in the car seat and will let you know it with their cries.

We’ve got a pro tip for you! If you want to soothe your baby while you’re driving, simply turn the radio on and stop between stations. The white noise will mimic what your baby heard in the womb and chances are, they will calm down almost immediately.

9 Use A Pacifier To Give Baby Medicine

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It can be tricky to give a baby medicine. Some of them hate the taste and spit it right back out. Other little ones resist having the medicine dropped in their mouth or find it challenging to ingest the syrup. What’s a parent to do when they have a sick baby?

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Have no fear, this amazing hack will make medicine time go so much smoother. Grab a pacifier and cut a bit off the tip to create a tiny hole. Slide the medicine dropper into the back of the pacifier and your baby will have no problem sucking down their much-needed medicine.

8 Pad The Car Seat Handle With A Pool Noodle

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One of the biggest complaints that most parents have about portable car seats is just how uncomfortable they are to carry. The handle can feel a bit awkward when it’s hanging on your arm and the pressure can be downright unbearable. This next mom hack will make carting your little one around so much easier.

The best way to make the car seat handle a bit more bearable is to slide a pool noodle over it. The simple trick is inexpensive and so easy to pull off. No more achy or tired arms after lugging the carrier around all day.

7 Use A Make-Up Brush To Apply Diaper Cream

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Let’s face it, diaper changes can get messy. The last thing a parent wants is to have diaper cream stuck under their fingernails after they smear some on their baby’s toosh. It’s so sticky and seems to take forever to rub in and clean off. This next hack can make diaper changes feel like a breeze.

Instead of using your finger to spread the cream on their bum, use a makeup brush. You can find inexpensive ones at the grocery store. Simply keep it close by on the changing table and let the brush do the work for you.

6 Mama's Milk Pacifier For Teething

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When a baby starts teething, it can be hard for everybody. They get so fussy and need something to help soothe their sore and aching gums. There are several tips to help with teething pains but this next hack is beyond genius. Make some “Momscicles”.

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All you have to do it is dip your child’s pacifier into an ice tray filled with breastmilk. The milk will freeze and create a momsicle for your little one to suck on and get relief. Breastmilk has healing qualities that will help calm their angry mouth. This one is so simple, it’s almost genius.

5 Use A Highchair Hook For Bibs

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Feeding time can be a sloppy adventure and most of the time it seems like more food ends up on the baby’s clothes than in their mouths. That’s why it’s so important to use a bib during mealtimes but it’s all too easy to lose track of them in the shuffle of a busy household.

This next tip will make mealtimes so much more efficient. All you have to do affix a hook on the back of the highchair to hang the bibs on. This way, you always have a bib close by to make feeding times less messy and convenient.

4 Red Lightbulbs For Nightime Wake Ups

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It can be challenging to encourage a baby to sleep through the night. Night wakings can be hard to handle when your little one becomes stimulated during a diaper change or late-night feeding. The best way to help your baby stay sleepy is to keep the light in their nursery as dim as possible.

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One hack that will ensure that they go right back to sleep after a night waking is to put a red light bulb in their room. The low light will keep them from being stimulated so that they can go back in their crib and doze off quickly.

3 Sleeping Gowns For Easier Diaper Changes

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While we’re on the subject of night wakings, it’s inevitable that your baby will need a diaper change in the middle of the night. It can be tricky to unbutton jammies, pull their little legs out, and prepare them to be changed without stimulating them in the process.

Another hack that will keep things running calm and smooth in the middle of the night is to put your little one to bed in an open-footed sleep gown. It’s so much easier to change their diaper quickly when you don’t have to deal with tucking them back into footed pajamas.

2 Layer Bed Sheets For Quicker Late Night Clean Ups

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Another hassle that can make night waking a nightmare is when your baby has a blowout or wets their bed. It can be such a pain to strip their bed, all the while trying not to allow them to wake up so much that it’s hard for them to settle back down.

Here’s a tip that will male those late-night clean-ups much less daunting. Try double layering the sheets on their crib. That way, you can simply strip the top sheet, and tuck them back into bed. You’ll feel like the smartest parent on the planet with this lifehack.

1 Use A Mesh Garment Bag For Baby Socks

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Laundry can also be quite a bothersome task when you have a baby. It seems like you’re forced to wash load after load, considering how easy it is for a little one to get their clothes dirty. Not to mention the fact that the folding feels endless.

Well, we’ve got a hack for you that will make keeping up with your infant’s socks and onesies so much easier. Try putting all these separate items in a mesh laundry bag when you wash them. Everything will be in one neat place when it’s time to fold and put away the laundry.

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