New Mom Bothered By Pushy Mother-In-Law Spying On Delivery

Sometimes, the excitement of a new baby can cause friction within a family, and one new mom is experiencing just that after her mother-in-law peaked in during the delivery of her baby.

In a Reddit post, user u/mae_day_ , revealed that ever since she gave birth, her relationship with her mother-in-law changed. It started when the mother-in-law disobeyed her wishes — which she passed along to her mother too — that she'd like privacy during her delivery. Only her husband would join her. Unfortunately, the mother-in-law of this story is not a patient woman, and she wanted to sneak a peak.

"My [mother-in-law] admitted to me and my husband that she snuck into the private waiting room outside my door and peeked through the tiny crack in the curtain of the viewing window in order to watch what was going on," wrote the new mom (in a post we edited when copying it over here). "She said she was terrified because she was in a completely dark room looking through the crack and all she could see was blood on the doctor’s hands and she didn’t hear a crying baby."

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To make matters worse, she came back to the waiting room, relaying what she saw, striking panic to those eagerly anticipating the arrival of the newest member of the family. Nothing was wrong, of course, the baby just hadn't been delivered yet, but this is what could be considered strike one.

Following this, the new mom was a little ticked-off, but things only got worse. A few days later, the mother-in-law said she wishes she could nurse the new baby — and we're not talking about using a bottle.  Then, to cap it all off, she called her grandchild "her baby" and said it hurts her not to see the young one every day.

Now, the mom is asking the internet for help. She's unsure if her hormones are out of whack, causing her to be more irritable regarding her mother-in-law. For the most part, the commenters agreed with her, saying the mom overstepped her bounds, and even if some of those are more minor issues, she's under enough stress just days into motherhood, so she shouldn't add to it.

Dealing with an in-law is a tricky issue for many. It's one thing to set up boundaries with your own parents, but it's not as easy to do so with your spouse's. Hopefully, u/mae_day_ can sit down with her husband and explain to him how she's feeling, and maybe he can have a discussion with his parents. Or, if they're more comfortable with it, they can all have a talk about how raising this child should be treated going forward.


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