Mom Has Boys Who Were Born One Month Apart

A woman explains how she and her husband were able to have boys born one month apart from each other.

One mother shares her pregnancy experience. She shares that her husband and she got married and wanted to have a baby. They were trying for a complete year and they were just not getting pregnant. They were seeing some fertility specialists and they were able to get pregnant. They were so excited, but then they had a miscarriage and she said it was the hardest thing that they had ever been through. She just couldn't understand why everybody was seeming to get pregnant and not them.

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The woman shared how she felt like a failure. She was doing everything she could and taking every pill to see if she could get pregnant. They both wanted to be parents and she knew that she was letting her husband down. That is when she mentioned adoption to her husband, but he didn't want to adopt quite yet. They spent another year doing fertility treatments and nothing was working. She finally had enough and decided to get off fertility treatments and her husband decided that he wanted to try adoption. They announced to the world that they were going to adopt after they went through all of the background checks, blood trusts, and home visits. She then decided to stop fertility treatments.

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After three years of trying to have a baby, they were finally accepted for adoption and waiting for a child. Right when they passed all of the necessary steps for adoption she realized that her period was late. She took a test and she was pregnant. They found out she was pregnant in August 2018. They were still willing to adopt and told the adoption agency that she was still willing to have a baby through the adoption company. In October 2018 they were picked by a mother. The mother was due to have a baby 3 weeks after she was supposed to deliver her baby.

When she was 36 weeks pregnant she went into her prenatal appointment and they found that her amniotic fluid was low and she would need to deliver her baby right away. She gave birth to her sweet little baby boy. Their son stayed 3 weeks in the NICU and then they were able to go home. After a week of being at home the adoption agency called and said that the birth mother of the adopted boy was going to have to be induced and she was in labor. Turns out the adoption agency told them the wrong due date. Apparently, the due dates were the exact same and now the mother was a week overdue. So their babies had the exact same due date! When they arrived at the hospital the birth mother handed the baby over to them about 30 minutes after she gave birth.

They now have two sweet little boys! She shares that she wishes she could go back a few years and tell her younger self to just be patient that their time would come.

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