This Mom Says Her Breasts Leak When A PlayStation Goes On After Pumping While Watching TV

Mothers have experienced unintentional leaks while still in the breastfeeding stage, it's why breast pads are such a common thing. But this is, without a doubt, an unusual circumstance. A new mom has confessed to lactating at the sound of the PlayStation starting up, and it's all because of her daily routine.

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For anyone who has ever breastfed and/or used a breast pump before, you're familiar with the constant interruptions throughout the day. Women will pump at work, while they're doing house chores, in public restrooms, you name it. Depending on how much a woman nurses, or even the amount of milk she can produce, it will determine how often she should pump.

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According to The Sun, the husband made a post on Reddit and its since gone viral because of its peculiar nature. He outlines his wife's routine, and how whenever she sits down to begin pumping, she'll always turn on the PlayStation to watch some Netflix. What's so weird about that? Mothers multitask all the time. What's different is the fact that the sound is what makes her start lactating, not the sound of her newborn child crying, which is what most women experience.

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The post has been flooding with comments, most of which are from strangers who are amused by this mother's situation. Other women have contributed by sharing their own odd stories, one saying that just looking at her breast pump had made her start lactating. There are a few common things that can make a woman lactate during the breastfeeding stage. This includes again, the sound of a baby crying, thinking about breastfeeding, even sitting in the same place one normally feeds. There is nothing to suggest an irrelevant sound will stimulate the milk glands, but the premise of routine is still there.

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After conducting a series of tests involving said PlayStation and the mother, her husband is convinced it is because of their gaming console. Of course, she's a bit perplexed as well as upset by it, but he finds it hilarious. Perhaps she might need to reconsider her routine come feeding time, or at the very least, switch things up every once and awhile.

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