Mom Refuses To Buy Teenage Daughter Christmas Gifts After She Converts Religions

One mom has controversially slashed her Christmas gift list in half, as she insists she’s only buying presents for one of her two kids this year.

The mother opened up about the situation on Reddit where she anonymously shared that her family’s religion has factored into her choice. She explains that she and her husband stopped forcing their daughters to go to church with them when they were 13-years old. In the past eighteen months since then, one of their girls has stayed involved in their Christian church.

Their other daughter, however, has not only stopped attending church for the most part but she’s developed an interest in Buddhism, which the mother sees as problematic. "More recently they have been telling us that they are no longer Christian, but they are Buddhists,” she wrote in her post. "While we are disappointed that they are no longer Christian, I believe everyone is entitled to their own religion and I am proud that my daughter is exploring her faith."

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The mother explained that she doesn’t believe her Buddhist daughter should get presents at Christmas, since her new religion doesn’t celebrate the holiday. "I mentioned that I wasn't planning to get our non-Christian daughter any big gifts since her religion doesn't celebrate Christmas,” she explained. The girl also accused her parents of “punishing her for not being Christian” and that it’s “not fair” they’ll buy gifts for her sister but not her.

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Since the daughter was so upset, the mom confessed she said she “would get her some little goodies so she didn't feel too left out". However, it appears the mom is remaining adamant that Christmas will no longer be the same, at least not for her daughter. “She shouldn't expect to partake in a religious holiday she doesn't believe in,” the mom wrote. "It doesn't make sense to me to give her gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus when she doesn't believe he is our saviour.”

The mom has also suggested to her daughter that she donate the amount of money she’d regularly spend on her Christmas gifts to a charity of her choice. "I told her if she really felt it were unfair, I would donate the amount of money I'd spend on our other kid to a charity of her choice in her name,” she explained. “She didn't like this either."

The mother’s post caused quite the controversy on Reddit, as users weren’t afraid to give their five cents in the comments. The majority of posters appeared to take the teenager daughter’s side. One Reddit user said, "You know damn well you're doing this as a petty/passive aggressive way to express to your child that you are in fact not supportive of them making their own decision about religion if it isn't your preferred religion."

Other people, for instance, pointed out that Christmas is largely removed from its religious meaning nowadays. "What does getting presents on Christmas Day have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? NOTHING,” one person wrote. "Absolutely nothing. It's a tradition Americans have tacked on to a sacred holiday. If anything, the presents detract from the actual observance of the holiday..."

"Plenty of people celebrate the Christmas season with gift-giving even though they don't celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday,” another person wrote. "This sounds like a malicious compliance act, not the act of a loving, supportive parent who is proud that her daughter is exploring her faith."

What do you think BabyGaga readers? Is this mother in the wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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