This Mom Clapped Back After Being Called ‘Selfish’ For Only Having One Child

One mom couldn’t take it anymore after she had too many people tell her she was ‘selfish’ for only having one child. And we don’t blame her.

26-year old mother-of-one Gylisa Jayne says she’s frustrated over the amount of people who told her that her 3-year old daughter Lily will have bad social skills, “be lonely, or “will be spoilt” simply because she’s an only child. The upset mother took to Facebook to vent her frustration where she chastised people for making such rude comments, The Sun reports.

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Gylisa began her post by explaining she and her husband, 27-year old Ryan, both mutually agreed that “one is enough,” and so far, they’ve never rethought their decision. "I'm not sad she's my first and last, I'm not broody when I see babies, I don't yearn for a boy, or twins, or feel like our family isn't 'complete'," the mother, who hails from Cornwall, explained.

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But the one thing she can’t understand is why other people feel the need to comment on her personal decision. "But the most bizarre phenomenon in regard to being 'one and done' is that EVERYONE wants to know why,” Gylisa explained. "My reasons are all perfectly valid. They are also no one's actual […] business."

The mom revealed that other people seem genuinely concerned for her daughter’s well-being when they learn Gylisa and Ryan don’t want more children. Some of the concerns the mom shamers have are that “she won’t learn social skills” and “she won’t have older siblings to learn from/ for guidance.” But perhaps the most morbid person actually said, “Because it'll be up to her to look after you when you're old/sort your affairs when you die.”

This isn’t the first time one of Gylisa’s online posts has gained attention. Previously, the mom came under fire for saying her husband works full time so she can be a “kept woman.” Following the birth of their daughter, Gylisa left her job as a housekeeper, which she earned £10,000 for ( ro$12,000 USD). She said that their family now happily lives off her husband’s £25,000 salary (which is approximately $30,000 USD) as a builder, even though the average household income in the UK is £28,400.

“When I get comments from strangers, it comes from a place of jealousy,” Gylisa said about people who feel the need to criticize her for being a stay-at-home mom at such a young age. “What age are you meant to be a kept woman? Age is just a number. A lot of people will feel bitter towards it.”

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