To The Mom Who's Having The Crappiest Month, You're Not Alone & It's Okay To Cry About It

Today I cried. It's the first time I cried in a very long time. I think the last time that I cried was when I was in so much pain from a root canal. Before then, was about 3 months ago when my daughter was born. Today I cried. I cried because I am just having a bad day. Well, a bad week, no, a bad month. You know those months that everything bad happens and you can't seem to stop it from pouring? Yeah, that is what it feels like to me. When it rains, it pours, right?

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It all started when I got a bill from the hospital. The bill said that I owed them $250 because of some test that was done on my placenta. What? Apparently my doctor sent away my placenta to some lab in North Carolina to get tested and then I was being charged for a test I didn't say could even be done. I had to write a claim and we are waiting back on those results. Then I started having issues with my tooth. I went to my dentist because I was in so much pain and she told me that there was nothing wrong with my tooth. I then asked if I could get some pain medication because I was in so much pain and she told me that she isn't allowed to give pain medication for pain that was unrelated to dental. She told me that it was my sinuses.

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We drove to the urgent care and the doctor told me that it wasn't my sinuses and that it was an issue with my TMJ (I have jaw issues). I didn't feel like it was my jaw so then I changed dentists. He told me that it was something wrong with a root canal that I had done a little less than a year ago. He sent me over to a dental specialist and he told me that the dentist who did my tooth missed a root! I was so furious. Less than a year ago we paid $825 on a special root canal treatment that the Doctor told us would clean out all of the roots. Well, it didn't. So the root canal had to be taken out and redone. Well, my insurance only covers one root canal treatment a year and so we are going to have to pay $1700 out of pocket. We also got charged for switching dentists because I had two exams in six months when I am only allowed two. And then during all of my dental craziness, I broke a rib! I was leaning over my son's bunk bed to tuck him in and my rib got caught on the bar when I jumped down. So, that is really wonderful.

I have had a crappy month! It has been really bad and it seems like nothing is going our way. We have dealt with illness, dental issues, ridiculous medical bills, and our kids have decided to do everything in their power to break me! Today, I finally broke. I never cry and today I had enough. My 4-year-old kept asking where the remote was and he was laying on the ground crying saying he "is looking everywhere." Which I knew he hadn't. I just went into my hands and started crying. It is okay to cry. This month I have felt like the world has been against me and it has been so hard. If you are the person who has broken down and cried today, I am there with you, sending you a virtual hug!

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