Mom Credits Pole Dancing For Getting Her Postpartum Body Back to Normal 3 Days After Giving Birth

Anyone who has ever been pregnant and given birth knows that getting back into shape can feel almost impossible. But that wasn't the case for Georgie Baddley. Just three days after giving birth to her new baby, Baddley claims her body is back to normal. It was all because of one somewhat unconventional exercise: pole dancing.

Luckily, pole dancing isn't a new work out regime for the mom of three. It all started when she had decided to lose weight following the birth of her first two children. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working. However, after she began taking pole dancing classes, the weight started shedding quite easily.

Once Baddley had learned she was expecting her third child, she decided to continue actively pole dancing up until the end of her third trimester. Depending on the health and physique of the mother pre-pregnancy, some doctors will recommend gentle, low-impact exercise. Still, because Baddley had been well accustomed to that kind of dancing, she didn't need to give it up.

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Pole dancing didn't just help Baddley get back into shape from before her pregnancy. She also believes that this workout helped with labor and delivery as well. Having had to children before she started her pole dancing journey, Baddley confirmed that her most recent delivery had been the quickest one yet. Having opted for a home birth, there also were no complications, and she experienced far less pain than from her first two labors.

There are several types of workouts pregnant women can do that might increase the chances of an easy labor. One of them includes yoga and/or other stretches that strengthen the pelvic muscles- something which pole dancing certainly does. Perhaps this explains why Baddley had such an easy time throughout her entire pregnancy, as well as with labor and birth afterward. She also came to the conclusion that the continuous workouts throughout each trimester had increased her energy levels.

Pregnant women are remarkable human beings already. But to be able to get back your pre-baby physique in less than a week from such a unique form of exercise might just be a new record.

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