Mom Feels Creeped Out After Mother-In-Law Insists On Having Lock Of Granddaughter’s Hair

A mother reveals that she feels creeped out by her mother-in-law, who keeps on asking for a lock of her granddaughter’s hair.

The mom explained the situation on Reddit. Evidently, the paternal grandmother says she’d like to use a piece of hair for a locket as a keepsake. Though the mom doesn’t feel exactly comfortable with the idea, her mother-in-law keeps bringing it up. "I keep avoiding answering because she’s never had a haircut and therefore, I don’t have any to give,” the mother wrote.

She went on to explain that she felt keeping a lock of hair was something only a mother should do. She feels like her MIL crossed some serious boundaries. "Saving your child’s hair is something a mother does (I have saved some of my daughter’s hair for her baby book)," she explained. "That’s mine. That’s my ritual." She added, "I am more upset that she is crossing a boundary and inserting herself into something that was supposed to be between me and my child.”

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The mom also thinks it’s strange that the mother-in-law doesn’t want a lock of hair from her grandson. She’s worried the grandma is playing favourites. "She has not asked for a lock of my son’s hair," she wrote. "Nor does she have hair from her other two grandchildren. This shows favoritism that I cannot abide."

However, most of the comments on the Reddit post didn’t share the mother’s point-of-view. Many people disagreed that a lock of hair is something only a mother should get to keep. "You're being a bit weird, saying she is straying into mother territory and it might make the lock you have less special is really over the top," one anonymous person wrote. "So, what if she has a lock of her grandchild's hair?" Another person said, "IT'S HAIR. It’s gonna get thrown in the trash many times over. What does it harm her to share it?"

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Some people suggested the mother should just give in to her MIL’s request to avoid causing drama over something so harmless. "Sometimes you just get along to go along and making a big deal out of a lock of hair will (rightfully) cause resentment. Seems like a super weird place to draw a line in the sand,” a commenter wrote.

However, there were some folks who took the mother’s side. Some specifically agreed that the grandma is showing favouritism. "It's strange she only wants one grandkids hair," one comment read. "Has she stated why? Like was that the color of her hair when she was a baby? is she getting something made and needs the hair for color purpose. Super strange." Another said, “The favoritism is emerging strangely. I wouldn’t indulge that."

What do you think about this situation, BabyGaga readers? Was the MIL’s request out-of-line or is this mother just overreacting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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