Mom Feels Creeped Out After Her 1-Year Old Starts Sleeping With A Mannequin Head

Halloween isn't over for this mom just yet. A mother's plan to get her son to sleep by offering an alternative to playing in her hair backfired as now he's now obsessed with a creepy mannequin head.

Ilarni Clark, who is the mom to a 14-month-old boy named Harry, was used to him playing in her hair while drifting off to sleep. According to The Sun her son has always played in her hair as part of his bedtime routine. Over time, she was forced to find an alternative because she started getting headaches. She was stumped on how to soothe her son without jeopardizing her own health.

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She decided to ask her friends online what could she do for her baby. All she knew was she wanted to continue comforting him because he had already formed a routine. Her friends were determined to help her find a solution and it was then that the 22-year-old was offered a spare doll's head. Sounds weird? It gets better. The doll just so happens to look exactly like mom.  Both the doll and mom share the same hair colour and same hair length.  Ilarni couldn't believe the resemblance. Her friend who happens to be studying as a beauty beautician was using the mannequin for practice and thought it would help her with her baby.  Ilarni took the doll but didn't anticipate how much Harry would become so attached to the doll.

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However, mom and dad were relieved that their son had found an alternative to mom's hair. It didn't take long before the toddler was attached to the head either. He even started calling the head 'Baba' and insisted on sleeping with it in the parent's bed every night.

"For the first couple of nights I shouted 'Callum, there's someone in the room!' We've both done it," the mother explained. Both mom and dad admitted that the mannequin sleeps with them in their bed at night and mom, understandably, gets a freaked out a bit."In our bed, there's me, Callum, Harry and the doll's head. It has given me a few frights in the middle of the night," she went on.

Even though Ilarni admits she is freaked out by the mannequin she is still happy about the end results. The toddler takes the mannequin with him everywhere he goes now. He has the mannequin when it's mealtime, playtime and nap time. Moms are always making a sacrifice for the greater good and in this case, she gets to see her toddler carry a mannequin around that looks similarly eerie to her. Moms will do almost anything to get their babies to sleep at night.

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