Mom Cropped Out Of Every Photo From Baby's First Birthday By Mother-In-Law

A mom is quite rightly irate after her mother-in-law managed to not include her in any photos from her daughter's first birthday.

The fact that we currently live in a time where pretty much everything we do is caught on camera is both a blessing and a curse. While it can often feel as if we are always being watched, almost always having a camera on your person means that there is a rarely a time that you won't be able to capture a special moment should such a moment arise.

Everyone having a camera in their pocket 24/7 also means the occasions that have always tended to be camera-heavy are now even more so. A child's birthday party, for example. There will be countless moments from that special day that parents will want to be able to look back at years later. That's why an unnamed mom who took to Reddit recently tasked her own mother and her mother-in-law with making sure plenty of the day was caught in camera.


A fair request as she and her partner would likely have been too busy to snap that many pics. However, when the mom looked through the photos after the fact, she discovered that she had been strategically left out of every single one taken by her MIL. "I am cut out of EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that my MIL took," the furious mom wrote on Reddit.

The mom goes on to write that she thought something was up during the party as every time the MIL gathered people for a photo, she wouldn't ask for her. Odd considering she is the mother of the baby whose birthday it is. Once she got a look at the pics, her suspicions were confirmed and she has since quizzed her partner's mom on why exactly she doesn't feature once.

Once confronted, the MIL apparently tried to cover her tracks by claiming one of the photos taken by her son was one of hers. That did not fly with the wronged mom. Plus, in replies to those reacting to the post, the cropped out parent has revealed that this isn't the first time her MIL has done something like this. It's stories like these that make us extremely glad we get along well with our in-laws as if you don't, it can make for a very awkward life.


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