This Dad Wants To Know The Gender Of His Unborn Baby, But Mom Says "No"

A couple's relationship has been complicated by their differing opinions on whether or not to find out the gender of the baby they're expecting.

The arrival of a new baby will come with a whole host of extremely important decisions you will need to make. When that time comes, it is of the utmost importance that you and your partner are on the same page. If you are not for whatever reason, it is equally as important to try and see the situation from your partner's point of view and talk it out.

The first big decision will arrive before the baby does. Whether to discover the gender during pregnancy, or wait until the little one is born. While more and more expectant parents are opting to find out the gender as soon as possible, there are still some who like it to be a surprise upon arrival.


One dad-to-be recently took to the internet when he and his wife disagreed on when to discover the gender of their baby, reports CafeMom. The unnamed gentleman wrote to an advice column explaining the situation. He wants to know right away, while the mom would rather wait until she gives birth. "While she very much wanted to make the decision whether to know together, she thought it was important that we do the same thing," he wrote.

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"I didn’t like the feeling that she was making the decision for me. It doesn’t seem to me like that big of a deal if I know and she doesn’t," he went on to say. While we do get where he is coming from, one parent knowing while the other doesn't could prove to be very problematic. One slip of the tongue when it comes to pronouns and it would be game over followed by what we imagine would be an extremely heated argument.

The replies to the post have been pretty split, as you might imagine, but since it was sent, the mom and dad have apparently come to a compromise. They sat down and discussed the situation and decided that it would be best to find out the gender of their baby before he or she is born. Which one of them was originally in the right is still an interesting topic though, and one that will likely have parents pretty divided.


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