Mom Discovers Daycare Provider Has Been Secretly Breastfeeding Her Baby

One mom has discovered that her daycare provider has been breastfeeding her baby behind her back.

An anonymous single-mother shared her story on Dear Prudence, an advice section of Slate, saying that she adopted a baby, so she can't lactate. Because of this, she's been bottle-feeding the young one, something the daycare provider was not fond of.

"When I pulled out the formula and bottles, and she wrinkled her nose and said, 'you feed her that slop?' I ignored the barb (I’m used to it), gave a quick rundown, and went on my way," writes the concerned mother.

Still, she kept taking the child to that particular caregiver until, one day, she arrived a little early, only to find her baby is being breastfed. Apparently, the breastfeeding daycare provider thought she was doing the baby a service by saving her from what she believes to be horrible chemicals in the baby formula.


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Obviously, the advice column suggested reporting the caregiver and even raising a stink on social media. When leaving your child with anyone, there is an understanding that the baby will be taken care of in a manner in which the parent wishes. This woman took matters into her own hands, and that's not OK, regardless of the intentions behind it.

Even then, baby formula is safe. Yes, medical professionals recommend breastfeeding when possible, however, KidsHealth.org says that when it's not possible, formula is actually a healthy alternative. While there are downsides to it, like the baby may be missing out on some nutrients that protect from infections or illness, there are upsides like convenience and comfort for the mother.

Still, it's not easy for every mother to breastfeed. In this case, the baby was adopted, so the mother physically couldn't lactate. But it can be painful, and some babies just don't take to a breast like they do to a bottle. It's really up to the mother to decide what's best. With that in mind, many mothers opt to use both. Sometimes it's easier to mix between the two instead of sticking to one.

If we were this anonymous mom, we'd be looking for a new daycare provider. Though we think the second she scoffed at the use of a bottle, we'd be taking our services elsewhere. Overall though, the baby is seemingly healthy, so at least the child wasn't put in any danger. Still, that's a massive breach of etiquette and trust.


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