Single Mom Diagnosed With Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Boy

A mother who was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer during pregnancy just delivered a healthy baby boy.

Jade Devis of Rancho Cucamonga, California was so happy when she found out that she was pregnant. She was hoping for a healthy pregnancy and eventually a beautiful and healthy little baby. After only a few weeks being pregnant, she found out that her pregnancy was not going to be exactly how she was hoping it would be. Devis was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The doctors told her that if she underwent treatment she would kill her baby. Her baby would not be able to survive the rigorous treatment that would be required to fight the cancer.

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Devis was told by the doctors that she should terminate her pregnancy so that she could undergo the treatment. She said that she didn't know how much the pregnancy meant to her until they told her to terminate the pregnancy. She refused to terminate. She said that she was not going to allow a stranger to tell her the fate of her child. She was going to fight for her child and keep him in her.

She had received her diagnosis when she noticed a lump on her breasts and she went and got a biopsy. That is when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer. She said that the only option for her was to go through chemotherapy but she said that meant that her child would die. She said that she could feel him moving and his heart was beating. She said that he was fighting and so she had to fight too. After undergoing multiple rounds of infusion therapy, Devis gave birth to her son — Bradley — in July 2019. Her latest scan showed no signs that the cancer had metastasized. “Loma Linda University Cancer Center team gave me more than my son,” Devis said. “They picked up my spirit and rejuvenated my soul. My baby boy is my miracle child,” she continued. “It is surreal to remember that my pregnancy had an element of extraordinary fear. I am blessed when I look at my son, and I cannot ask for more than that.”

Devis said that she is now cancer-free and her son is perfectly healthy. She is so happy that she didn't go through the chemotherapy and she had faith that everything was going to be alright. She is so grateful for her son and that he is perfect and healthy.

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