This Mom Donated Her Uterus To A Woman Struggling With Infertility Issues

Mother of five selflessly donates her uterus to a woman who is experiencing infertility issues.

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April Lane went through several years of infertility issues and they didn't have any explanation as to why it was so difficult for them to get pregnant. Lane and her husband, Brian, were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility." The diagnosis meant that there wasn't much that any doctor could do except for the couple to just keep trying. Lane adopted her first son, but shortly after she got pregnant with her second child. Her oldest two sons are only 13 months apart. The couple tried for their third child, but had to turn to IVF treatment and on their 10th cycle they were able to get pregnant with their twin daughters. A little less than a year after delivering their twins she unexpectedly got pregnant with their fifth child. The Lane family who once struggled with infertility issues now have 5 beautiful children. Although they have five children the struggles of infertility still haunt April.

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April wanted to help women who were struggling with infertility. She had started support groups for women who suffer from infertility and even started a scholarship foundation to help women afford the expensive IVF procedures necessary for some women to get pregnant. April still didn't feel like she had done "enough" for women who were struggling with infertility. She heard that Baylor University Medical Center had started clinical trials of uterus transplants and she wanted to donate her uterus to a mother in need.

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April Lane is such a giving soul. She traveled to Dallas with her own money and she even took time off work to be able to go through the pre-op and surgical procedures. Her work did not recognize a uterus transplant as a medical condition that could be taken off, so she had to use her own paid time off. Lane's surgery took nine hours to complete. Once the uterus is taken out of the woman and then it is inspected to make sure that it is a perfect match for a recipient.

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After the surgery was complete, Lane spent five days being monitored in the hospital. She then had to stay two days in a Dallas hotel before she was cleared to fly back home to Boston. Her recovery took nearly eight weeks where she was not allowed to lift heavy objects during the entirety of her recovery process. She experienced massive amounts of pain and there could possibly be life-long nerve complications. Even through it all Lane said that she would do it again in a heartbeat.

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