Mom With Early Menopause Has Two Miracle Babies In Under Two Years

A couple thought that they would never be able to have kids because she was going through early menopause. With all the odds she was able to have two children!

Ashley Buckhoe started showing signs of early menopause. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency at 27 years old. Buckhoe was so young when her body started going through some major changes, but she really wanted to start a family. Her husband, Michael, really wanted to be a father just as much as Ashley wanted to be a mother. They started talking to specialists to see if there was any way that they would be able to have their own children.

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Most medical professionals said that there was a very unlikely chance that she would be able to conceive, but if they had any chance of Ashley becoming pregnant with their own children they would have to go through IVF. They said there was only about 5% chance that the IVF would work for them.


In 2017, Michael and Ashley went through IVF. Their first round of treatment failed. They were heartbroken. However, the couple was able to get pregnant on their second round. The couple was able to bring to this world a perfect son that they named Porter. When Porter was only 8 months old, the couple had the most amazing miracle. They naturally fell pregnant without any IVF treatment or other fertility treatments. They were able to give birth to their daughter Piper.

Now, the couple has an 18-month-old and a 4-month-old. They both feel so blessed. Ashley said that she is so grateful that she is able to have her two children. She said that it was really hard during that time. She knew that there was an issue with her or her husband when they were trying to have children for over a year and they couldn't. That is when they started going through many fertility doctors and different tests. It was heartbreaking for her to hear that it was her body and that she was going through the early stages of menopause.

Ashley and Michael feel very blessed that they were able to have a successful IVF treatment and that they were able to use her eggs. The doctors had recommended her to use donor eggs but she wanted to try using hers and it was successful. They also feel blessed that they were able to get pregnant naturally after being told that they would never conceive!

Congratulations you guys on the two beautiful babies.

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