This New Mom Embraces Her Postpartum Body Despite The Online Trolls

Woman who promotes body positivity gets trolled by haters!


Women's bodies go through quite a bit for their babies. Holding a baby for nine months does a lot to mom's bodies. Women leave pregnancy with extra weight, loose skin, and even stretch marks. We sacrifice our bodies, because we love our babies so much! We will take our "less than perfect" bodies to be able to bring these awesome little people into this world. We need to empower moms and tell them that their bodies are awesome, because they brought adorable babies into this world. However, many people are haters and aren't as supportive and kind as they should be.

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Kristyn Dingman wanted to make sure that everybody knew how important it was to "empower women" and to make sure that we encourage mother's. We want women to be confident in themselves and to be proud of what they did! She posted pictures on her "body-positive" Instagram and she got a few negative comments. One of the comments said, "nasty."


Dingman created the Instagram because she really wanted to create a place where a lot of people could come together in a positive environment. She thought that this Instagram would have a place where mom's would come together with the same mission as her, "share a similar goal of empowerment toward changing societies [sic] vision of beauty." And she thought that the page would be a page where she would constantly be having positivity be flowing into her account from women working for women empowerment. However, that isn't always the case. She gets negativity and that is why she said that it "stings" every time somebody says something rude and negative.

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She said, "I am human and will have good and bad days, but I always try to remember that I not only need to empower others ... I need to practice what I preach and know that I am worthy regardless of the thing that may be said about me." Dignman said that these comments will always sting, but she won't let it bring her down. She knows that she has self-worth. She knows that she is a mom to a perfect son and her body brought him into this world.

Krystyn, you are beautiful. You are perfect. You have worth. Your body is perfect. Don't ever let somebody so petty bring you down. Haters gonna hate! You do you girl! We love you positive page and we hope you continue in you efforts to help empower women.

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