Mom Keeps Baby Entertained For Hours With $1 Emergency Foil Blanket

A mother shared that she kept her baby busy for hours by letting her play with an emergency blanket.

Nicole Goodman shared an amazing parenting tip on a Facebook group called Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK. The group is run by a money saving mom named Holly Smith. Goodman wanted to tell fellow parents about her hack to help them in their time of need. She tells all of the moms and dads if they ever want to get anything done around the house then they need to get "this." She then said it was the cheapest toy she has ever bought and it entertained her daughter while she got some ironing completed. Goodman then shared a video of her daughter laying on a silver emergency blanket that she purchased for about $1.

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Emergency blankets are bought in very small square packages and they are used in emergencies to keep warm. The fun factor of these blankets is that they crinkle. Goodman showed the video of her daughter crinkling around on the blanket and making noise as she moved. The mom explained how they are really cheap and can be purchased on Amazon. She said that her daughter was completely entertained for a long time with the emergency blanket.

Many people commented on her video sharing that they were definitely going to try the tip and see if they could entertain their baby. One commented: “Absolutely brilliant idea, the sensory feedback this little one is getting will be amazing...good thinking mummy, gold star for you.”Another agreed adding: “A fantastic idea x my little boy laid on this at baby group and loved it.”A third added: “The perfect type of toys for babies are SENSORY ones. This making crinkle noises and being reflective would be the perfect thing to keep them entertained. Fabulous!” Sensory toys are really important for babies development yet often they can be a bit pricey. This is a very cheap sensory toy that any parent can afford for their little one.

This is seriously the cutest video and many parents are now going to try this tip so they can get some things accomplished during the day. We are very happy that Nicole shared the tip with all of us so that we could enjoy!

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