This Mom Explains Why She Continued Taking Antidepressants While Pregnant

A mother shares her reasoning for taking antidepressants during her pregnancy.

One of the much-argued aspects of pregnancy is which medications should and should not be taken during pregnancy. In recent years doctors were encouraging women to stop taking any medication in order to avoid any complications that the medication might have on the fetus. However, recently doctors are encouraging women to continue taking their medications that are for mental illness because the potential side effects do not outweigh the benefits that many women receive from the medication.

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One mother shares why she decided to continue taking her anti-depressants while she was pregnant. She knew the potential side effects and risks and she still chose to take her medication because she knew that she needed it for her mental health. This mother said that nobody knows how hard pregnancy is until you have been pregnant before. You can read all of the books and be super close to somebody who is pregnant but you will never know what it does to your mental or physical state unless you have been pregnant yourself. She shares that she had no idea about pregnancy depression and how much that would affect her.

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She shares that she has dealt with Major Depression for almost 20 years. She admits that she should have known that she was more vulnerable to pregnancy depression and postpartum depression. She says she was obviously in denial. How could you be depressed being pregnant? You just don't understand until you have been pregnant. People lie to women about what it is like to be pregnant. They tell women that when they become pregnant they are supposed to be beaming and glowing, but that is just not true. Pregnancy is messy, complicated and often filled with nausea. She thought that these lies totally screwed with her head. She kept telling herself that she was supposed to be happy and proud of her body, but she wasn't. She was struggling.

When she first became pregnant and started going through depressive episodes she was afraid to take antidepressants. She felt like a failure. She thought all of the other women were dealing with pregnancy and having "that glow" but she wasn't. She was failing her little baby and she didn't want to potentially harm her baby for taking medication because she couldn't "handle it." But she had been taking the medication for most of her life and he has helped save her from herself.

She talked to her doctor and learned that her depression was affecting the baby and harming her. She learned about the side effects and found out that the benefits of her taking her antidepressants outweighed the risks that it may pose to her child. She went back onto her medication in her third trimester and it was like the fog had lifted. She was no longer in a dark place and she knew she was in a better mind to take care of her baby.  It was better for her than not being on the medication.

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