Mom Explains Why She Enjoys Strangers Touching Her Baby Bump & Sparks Fierce Debate

A mom explains why she enjoys strangers touching and inquiring about her baby bump, only to spark fierce debate.

The mom- a Reddit user with the name Elainaxp- made a post on the site saying how much she enjoys strangers getting personal and asking about her baby bump.

Elainaxp excitedly explained her joy when a stranger asked about her pregnancy in her post titled, "Please ask me about my baby; He's my favorite topic!" She wrote that she was almost 26 weeks into the pregnancy when a cashier inquired if she was having a boy. She was out eating with her significant other at the time, and it made her extremely happy to confirm that her baby was a boy. She went on to make small talk about pregnancy and babies with the cashier, who also revealed that she had two sons and a daughter of her own.

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What to Expect reported that several users on the site who were parents commented that they could relate with Elainaxp. One Redditor explained how there was a slight change in her personality when it came to talking about her baby when she was pregnant. She said that she usually disliked having small talk, but couldn't wait to gush about babies with strangers after she became pregnant.

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Another user posted that she would have loved to talk about her baby bump if more strangers asked about it. One noted that she enjoyed talking about her pregnancy, but only if a stranger asks because she didn't want to annoy an uninterested person.

But as one mom pointed out, even though she enjoyed talking about her pregnancy, some women don't like getting any attention, queries, or touches from strangers. One such Redditor wrote that she responded to the questions in one-syllable answers that both provided answers and showed disinterest. The user noted that she did love to talk about her pregnancy with people who care and it provided a meaningful conversation.

On the other hand, other moms in the What to Expect forum explained that they hate the experience because the questions can be repetitive. They also find them to be borderline personal, which gets tiring and annoying. That's more than fair; after all, pregnant women have enough to deal with.

Every woman has different feelings about engaging with strangers regarding her pregnancy. Factors like moods and environment will likely influence and determine if she enjoys a stranger asking about her baby bump or not. In all, it's okay to have varying comfort levels among pregnant women because every person is different.

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