Mom Fashion: The Momper Gives Me All The Feels

It's Monday, so that means it's time for Mom Fashion! Have I mentioned that I am a "confident beginner" sewist? I picked sewing up just before Shep was born (great timing, because I have ZERO free time for it now!). Over time, I've gotten a bit more familiar with the modern sewing world. A far cry from my mom's newspaper patterns, today's pattern makers are WAHMs (work-at-home moms) who sell PDFs for sewists to print and assemble themselves! One of my all-time favorite patterns to sew is a baby romper. It's got the cutest little ribbon tie and somehow looks marvelous on both boys and girls. And the shorts version leaves prime access to the best baby bits - those chunky rolly-polly thighs!

Last year, a popular pattern maker came out with a Momper - a romper made just for moms! Well, let's be honest - it's for anyone who wants to wear it. But it's definitely an adult-sized version of the child's romper pattern. Didn't I say this was a current trend? It is! Pattern makers often end up one step ahead of mainstream fashion - because they're the ones innovating and creating demand for cool new styles.

Mommy and me outfits are also very trendy! A girl can daydream about matching rompers. Via Pinterest

Anyway, all that backstory is to say this: I can't decide how I feel about the Momper. Far be it from me to tell someone what they have to wear. Look, wear whatever you want! As long as you're comfortable and happy, I'm comfortable and happy. Seriously, I don't even care if I see a nipple (ahem, Kendall Jenner).

It's not all ambivalence! When I think about rompers, I have some pretty nostalgic pulls on my heartstrings. There was the hot pink polka dotted romper I wore day after day one summer with the pink jelly sandals I begged my mom for. That romper is in half of the photos from our family vacation, since it was perfect for the playground at our lodge! Of course, I can't forget about the strapless denim number I flaunted in college. Supposedly, the shorts made my butt look like I was wearing a diaper. In my defense, it had pockets. And all women know: if it has pockets, you better snatch that unicorn up before it disappears!

This is the face of a woman who just discovered her dress has pockets. via Haye Trida

And then, of course, the analytical side of my brain kicks in (bypasses drive and jumps straight into hyperspace). How can it be convenient to wear a romper when you're out and about with little ones? Not only do you have to wrangle them while trying to pee - you also have to do it naked from the ankles up, while trying to keep your romper out of the suspicious puddle on the bathroom floor. I know personally that it's impossible to find a romper that suits my body shape - it's just not physically possible. And even if it looks great on you - yeah, it's going to look a little bit like you have diaper butt. That is part of what makes it a romper, after all.

My #loweffortmom side loves the ease of a romper. It's THE PERFECT OUTFIT! Sort of like how a fanny pack is the perfect purse, but it looks so wretched that no one willingly wants to wear one? Look - rompers have the practicality of a dress; it's one piece of clothing that covers you from top to bottom, and requires no coordination or matching with other items in your wardrobe. It's a standalone, so go as bold as you want to with it! Rompers often have pockets, too - which takes them right to the top of the women's clothing food chain. A knit romper will be easy to breastfeeding while wearing, too! And the shorts-not-skirt bottom? It makes running around after littles worry-free. I can't even with how comfortable rompers are. I. Can't. Even.

I'm pretty sure I could live in one of these things.... via Ellie and Mac

Why am I warring with myself over Mompers? Because anxiety's a bitch. But really, it's because I want to convince myself I can pull one off. That way I can live in them all day every day with no shame. Rompers are so so so cute on tiny babies! And there's no reason we can't just decide that they're cute enough for us to wear, too!

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