This Mom Wants To Know If It’s Okay To Feed Her 22-Month Old Daughter Pizza For Breakfast

One mother asks Facebook if there is a reason she should not feed her daughter cold pizza for breakfast.

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One mother wanted to know if it was okay to give her toddler pizza for breakfast. She asked on Facebook why it wouldn't be okay for her to give her 22-month-old pizza. She claimed that her daughter is a very picky eater and that is what she asked for breakfast. She doesn't see anything wrong with it and doesn't want to say "no" just for the sake of saying "no." The mom then said that her asking for pizza for breakfast would be much like if she were at a breakfast buffet and put tomatoes and cheese on toast. She then says, "thats all plain pizza is, bread, tomatoes and cheese." The mother then tells Facebook that she is open for suggestion "as to why not." And then said, "asking for anything is progress to me."

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Most of the time when you ask the internet for suggestions about parenting you have to be ready to be attacked. However, it seemed as if people were divided as to whether or not it was acceptable to feed a toddler pizza for breakfast. Many commenters shared that they love having cold pizza and it is really good and they have it for breakfast quite frequently. Some commenters made note that pizza is a lot better for her than a lot of sugary cereals. People don't bat an eye when kids eat Lucky Charms so why would it matter if they ate pizza, one person even said, "at least it has protein!" A lot of parents were encouraging this mom to give her daughter food because her eating was obviously a "win."

On the other side of the argument, there were the "avocado" parents. Many started giving the mother some healthy alternatives. One mother shared that she never gives her daughter "convenient" foods so her daughter wouldn't even ask for pizza for breakfast. A perfect mother shared that a typical breakfast for her daughter consists of "eggs and ham/sausages as well as porridge and sometimes fruit." Another mother shared that she gives her daughter avocado on toast and she shares that is a much healthier alternative to pizza.

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