Mom Feeds 15 Babies With Her Breastmilk! A True Pump Champ!

Audrey Yeo, 28, is a mother of two and likes to joke and call herself a "cow". Why do you ask? Because this mama can pump breast milk like a champ! She says she pumps about 5 liters a day and has been donating through a Facebook group for 5 months!

Pumping 5 liters a day is about five times the amount of the average lactating mother. She currently has 13 regular customers who say they are all grateful for what she does. What is truly amazing is that she does this voluntarily and is not paid. She only asks that her customers contribute for the bag which cost 0.50 cents each! 

This has also helped Audrey as she used to throw away at least 10 bags (6-8 oz per bag) a day of unused breast milk. "Breast milk has many benefits and I wanted to help other mothers and babies."

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