Mom Feels Obligated To Watch 'Unsupervised' Kids At The Pool, Sparks Online Debate

One mom unknowingly opened Pandora's Box when she posted a quandary on a popular chat forum for moms.

Summertime equals pool time and for kids who have access to a sparkling blue circle of bliss, there is nothing that can stop them from enjoying the cool water under the hot sun during school-free days... not even lack of parental supervision. Few can resist the temptation of a swimming pool during the summer months and for one mom who lives in a condo complex with a pool, she knows this all too well.

According to Café Mom, the mother-of-one posted her dilemma, explaining that when she and her child visit their condo's pool, other children will often come by and join in on the fun. She was quick to point out that she doesn't mind keeping an eye on the other kids while she and her child are in the pool but after a half hour, she and her kiddo are ready to go home, dry off and continue with their day.

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But even though this mom and her child are ready to head home for dry land, there are still small children in the pool who require supervision but are without an adult in site... except for her, of course. The mom went on to say that she has been told by some parents of the children that they are fine to swim on their own and have parental permission to do so however the mom feels differently. Based on "behaviours" that she has witnessed, she doesn't think that the children should be left alone.

On the other hand, these are not her children and she isn't technically obligated... but what if something tragic happened after she and her child walk away from the pool? As you can imagine, opinions on this dilemma poured in on the forum and the comments were as different as can be.



Some felt that the mom didn't owe the children (some, who didn't even live in the condos) a thing and agreed that she didn't sign up to be a volunteer lifeguard all summer. Others felt that she should stay and make sure the children while safe and some felt that she should have a serious talk with the parents.

BabyGaga readers, now we'd like to hear from you. Where do you think this mom's obligations should end? What would you do if you were in her flip-flops? Let us know in the comments!

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