Mom Files Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against Urban Outfitters After Termination

Discrimination comes in a number of different forms. This includes age discrimination, racial discrimination, sex discrimination, and many more. They're all awful and no one should have to endure such a thing. Yet there's one form of discrimination that seems to be occurring more and more- pregnancy discrimination.

39-year-old Anna DeMarco of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one such mom who's filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters on the ground of pregnancy discrimination. She claims that despite being a stellar employee, she was mistreated while she was pregnant. It all culminated in her being fired when she let slip that she was trying to become pregnant again.

When DeMarco told her employer that she was pregnant back in 2016, her female senior manager made rude remarks about how pregnant women aren't focused employees. She was also not allowed to work from home anymore, despite there never being a problem doing so beforehand and other employees who weren't pregnant allowed to do the same. To DeMarco, it appeared as though Urban Outfitters didn't approve of their employees having kids.

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DeMarco would go on maternity leave in August of 2016, and then returned to work that October. She found that she lost many job duties to another woman who, according to the suit, "was not a mother and … did not have any family responsibilities." When she asked asked her senior manager why this was taking place, she was allegedly told, "These types of duties require a lot of attention, and I’m not sure if your head is in the right place for that, since your priorities are in other places. I don’t know if someone in your situation can handle it." Also, DeMarco was still not allowed to work from home, as her manager believed that she would be too "distracted" to successfully do so.

All of this came to a head in March of 2018, when DeMarco told her supervisor that she had to make a medical appointment recommended by her doctor to run some tests before she could get pregnant again. When asked if she was planning on trying to get pregnant again, DeMarco confirmed it. By the end of the month, she was let go, saying that her job title was eliminated with no explanation. The job duties from her positions went to less experienced individuals who didn't have children, and DeMarco was barred from applying for other positions with the company.

In response to the lawsuit, a spokesperson from Urban Outfitters said, "URBN does not tolerate discrimination of any sort, and we actively support and accommodate our pregnant employees."

As of now, the lawsuit is still pending. Here's hoping that everything works out for the best, for the sake of DeMarco and her family.

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