Mom Finds Unconventional Treatment For Baby Eczema That Actually Works

Joy Evans felt like giving up. Nothing was helping her son's eczema - that is, until the resourceful mom-of-four made her own concoction from her stash of frozen breast milk.

Evans, 35, had been through it all with her son, Finlay - now nearly two. Finlay had been suffering from eczema since he was six months old and this past July, she decided enough was enough. It was time to try something new.

"We just got to point of wanting to try anything," said Evans, who had in fact, tried nearly everything. From steroid treatments to emollient creams and other over-the-counter products - nothing was working. Sometimes, Finlay's eczema would go away for a short period, but it would always return. And while the steroid creams would lessen the redness, they too wouldn't fully clear it.

But thanks to the internet, Evans, 35, eventually came across a recipe for an organic, homemade soap and she thought, why not?

“I was a bit skeptical when I found it," she said. "I hoped it would at least take the edge off or make him less itchy and uncomfortable."

Little did she know, it would do much more than that.

Evans went to her freezer and retrieved some old, stale bags of frozen breastmilk that she never ended up using to feed Finlay, and mixed it with an organic soap base to make her own homemade bar soap. When it was ready, she washed Finlay with it, and was amazed at the results.


Within a month of washing him daily with the homemade soap, it had completely cleared up the itchy, red patches of dry skin that had covered her son's arms, knees, thighs and shoulders for nearly a year.

"One day . . . I just looked at him and thought, 'it’s all gone," she said. "I was amazed."

Right then and there, Evans stopped using the medicated creams and the over-the-counter products from the drug store and exclusively used the breast milk soap on her son. She solely credits it as the one thing that was able to completely clear up his eczema, noting that "nothing else" she tried worked quite as well.

Even though today Finlay is free and clear from his irritated red patches, Evans plans on keeping a supply of breast milk soap handy for future use. In fact, she says she will be using it to treat all of her son's future skin conditions - even chicken pox.

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