Mom-To-Be Forces Baby Shower Guests To Wear A Wristband Showing They Bought A Gift

An expecting mother recently revealed that at her baby shower guests who bring a gift will be given a wristband signifying that they brought a gift. From there, only guests with wristbands were allowed to get a plate of food at her the party. Yes! She will be holding out on the best things about these parties if you show up empty-handed.

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This mom-to-be was making it required that guests bring gifts and letting everyone else know who didn't bring one. This confession was made on Instagram's The Shade Room and was met with both understanding and disbelief. The post has over 300,000 likes since its July posting.

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The post went on to say there was no other point of coming to a baby shower without a gift. The only thing you would be doing there is eating food and watching the host open gifts. Those who agreed related to needing those baby items and aren't shy about having little time or patience for those mooching for a free meal.

A baby shower costs money to hold and some see it as an investment and are looking for a return.

Others strongly disagreed with this soon to be mom and called it rude and unnecessary. The poster of this controversial practice noted that her own mother called her petty. One woman thought she was missing the point of a shower which she said was to, "CELEBRATE the new life coming." Gifts are a good bonus for showers but ultimately they should be a celebration at its root.

As far as baby shower etiquette goes, this is a new one. Typically baby showers are held with the main goal to get gifts for your baby but are they actually required? Well, kind of. One woman pointed that out in the comments posting, "You shouldn't want to come to a baby shower empty-handed anyway .. if I'm broke I'm not coming period." That is a valid point. Clothes, blankets, diapers, decor, or toys are acceptable gifts and not even that expensive.

While we wouldn't show up empty-handed to a baby shower (that is a faux-pa), we won't fault anyone who does. Things happen after all, and all that matters is that your closest friends and family are there to support your new baby.

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What do you think of this mom's party plan? Would you do it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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