Mom Furious After Husband Admits He Doesn't Always Put Their 3-Year Old In A Car Seat

Making sure your child is properly seated in their car seat is crucial to their safety. So, it’s understandable that one mom was furious when she learned her husband sometimes forgets to put their 3-year old in his car seat.

The mother, Rumaan Alam, opened up in a post for Slate where she criticized her husband’s forgetfulness. Alam explained that their son goes to a daycare a few miles from their home. She’s responsible for dropping him off in the mornings, while her husband picks him up on his way home from work. She explained her husband owns multiple cars, but only one car seat.

Though she fully expected him to be diligent and change the car seat whenever he switched rides, Alam was shocked to learn there have been times her husband has completely forgotten- and still driven with their son. “He admitted that if he happened to drive a car that didn’t have a car seat in it on a given day, he would simply buckle our son in a normally (as is he were an adult),” the concerned mother wrote.

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However, when Alam got angry with her husband upon his admission, he actually got upset with her in return. The dad defended his actions by arguing the daycare is located very close to their home and is in a neighbourhood with little traffic, so what he did is perfectly safe.

“My husband responded by getting upset, then reminding me that the day care is close to our house," Alam explained. And that he was able to take a route home from the day care through a neighborhood (so no streets with a speed limit greater than 25), and that he made sure to drive slowly and pay attention to what was going on around him."

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Despite her husband’s defense, the worried mother said he would either have to start using the car seat every time or she would start picking up their son. But now she says they have an even bigger problem- she feels like she can’t trust her husband to drive with their child, despite him promising he’ll never drive without the car seat again.

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"He said he would start making sure he had a car seat, but when he discussed picking up a car he’s had in the shop, I had to make him agree he would stop by the house to get a car seat," she continued, adding his promise was accompanied by “an eye-roll, sigh, and eventual 'yes' as a response."

Most of the comments on the mom’s post agreed with her and said they would be equally horrified if they were in her shoes. "If he can afford more than one car and the insurance to cover them, he can afford an additional child safety seat or two or however many vehicles he drives. What a colossal jerk,” one person wrote. Another added, "My husband would be cowering in fear of me ever, ever, EVER finding out he did such a thing again. Wow, I'm so angry for you.”

What do you think of this dad’s confession? Would you react the same way as this angry mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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