Mom Furious After Sister Steals Her Baby Name & Uses It For Pet Dog

Talk about a sticky situation! Two sisters are fighting over a baby name that one wants to give her child and the other wants to give to her dog.

The pregnant woman’s sister was the one who turned to Reddit to open up about the sticky situation… and why she’s unapologetic about giving her dog the coveted name. She started off by explaining she’s always had a rough relationship with her family: "I've always had a strained relationship with my family and try not to speak with them because it always makes me upset.”

Furthermore, she’s confident that she won’t be having children. As such, she treats her dogs like she would her kids, which includes giving them human-appropriate names. The sister explained she’s had one name, in particular, picked out for years. "I'm not having kids so my baby names that I picked out (and vocalised many times) growing up are going to my dogs. Whenever I got a boy dog, I always wanted to name him Waylon,” she wrote.

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Recently, she explains that she was finally in a position here she could adopt a dog. But when she called her family to tell them her good news, she was met with an unexpected reaction. Not only did she discover that her sister is pregnant, but she’s also planning on calling her baby Waylon. Evidently, the sister tried to pass it off as a coincidence, but she’s not convinced.

"I was finally able to get a dog and excitedly called my parents to tell them about him,” she wrote. "That's when I found out my sister was pregnant again and naming her kid Waylon. With it being such an uncommon name and her not being a country music fan, I KNOW she got it from me."

She’s insisted that her pregnant sister choose a different moniker for her baby, but the sister is refusing. According to her, it’s ‘just’ a dog, so it shouldn’t get priority on the name. Although the Reddit user is devastated her sister stole her favourite name, she’s also beginning to wonder if she’s in the wrong. " Am I the [jerk] for refusing to change his name because it's something important to me?" she concluded her post.

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Many of the commenters found the situation more funny than serious and suggested that both the woman’s dog and nephew could rock the name. “Make sure you create your dog a Facebook account so everyone can add him,” one person wrote, adding they can call the baby ‘human Waylon’ to differentiate between him and the pup.

Another person pointed out, "The nephew will probably be delighted to have the same name as the dog. When I was a kid, I had a friend who was named after her parents' cat. She loved talking about Kitty-Samantha."

However, some commenters took the pregnant sister’s side. For instance, one person wrote, "It's clear your sister had chosen this name and your dog does not care what its name is.” Another said, “Your attachment to this name is not deep if it's from a country singer. Morally you are not obligated to do [anything] but would it make you [a jerk] not to give up a name your sister has vocalised interest in? At least among your family, yes."

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