Mom Get Complaint Letter From Principle About Breastfeeding!

Andrea Scannell took her children to the Utah middle school's lunch program one day but she never expected to receive this kind of letter in the mail afterwards. 

After Andrea received the complaint letter, which was handed to her from a Mount Logan Middle School employee on behalf of principle Mike Monson, her husband decided to upload it on Reddit right away. Andrea said she was completely caught off guard and she had taken the time to make sure no one around her looked uncomfortable while she was breastfeeding. The Principle explains that he received complaints and that he does see the beauty in breastfeeding but would not want his child exposed to it without him having a chance to explain it to them first. “This kind of shaming, this kind of bullying, it prevents other breastfeeding women from going out in public, from feeding their baby." 

Andrea has received great support including on comment on Reddit that really seems to sum it all: "I like how the school would prefer a child go hungry over seeing a breast," Droviin wrote.

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