Mom Gets Drivers To Slow Down With "Vulgar" And "Inappropriate" Road Sign

This mom has had it with cars speeding down the road in her town, so she came up with a “vulgar” road sign to make them slow down. The move was quite unconventional, and it has gotten mixed reviews from drivers and moms who have seen it. Despite the negative feedback, the sign seems to be doing a good job of making drivers slow down.

In a residential area, speed limits are put in place for good reasons. Especially near school zones, speeding cars pose a threat to kids on the street. Children playing can dart across the street, and it can be hard to avoid them if one is not careful. Despite this, there are still drivers who want to get somewhere as fast as possible, so they still zip down the road.

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In an anonymous post on Netmums, the parent responsible for the sign detailed how she is fed up with cars that “absolutely rocket through” their neighbourhood. There is a 30-mph speed limit, but since the road is straight, cars tend to zip down the road. She felt that she needed to do something about it because if this keeps up, one of the kids in the neighbourhood is going to get hurt, so she made an eye-catching sign.

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The sign she printed depicts a child holding up a sign, and it says, “slow down [censored].” The mom swears that the sign has worked, as she has noticed a significant decrease in the number of cars speeding down that road. Critics of the sign, however, argue that there was no need to be so vulgar with the language. Parents are concerned that when they drive by that sign everyday with their kid in the car, they will think it’s okay to use vulgar language to get what they want.

Many are also voicing their support for the mom’s creative idea. The concept of having a child swear at you is quite eye-catching, so fans of the sign are praising the creativity and boldness of this concerned parent. After all, she would rather drivers worry about a kid swearing than a car speeding down the road and killing one.

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