Australian Mother Gives Birth To Baby Girl In The Middle Of An Earthquake

Some of you reading this will have experienced tricky births, but we'd hazard to guess that not many of you have had to welcome a child into the world during an earthquake.

Many parents are eager, and sometimes even encouraged to plan their birth. To write out exactly how they want everything to happen. It makes a lot of sense and can help a mom to visualize what is going to happen once the nine months are up, especially if it's their first time giving birth.

The trouble is, those plans often go awry. All moms-to-be want to give birth in a dimly lit room with some relaxing music playing and for the whole process to be as pleasant as possible. Chances are that won't happen. The room you want might not be available, or there could be complications that require professionals to take a detour from your meticulously laid out plan.

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Or, you know, there could be a natural disaster. That's what happened to Alesha Tormey when she was giving birth recently in Karratha Hospital, Australia, reports Seven News. As the mom labored through her birth with husband Stephen by her side, the equal-biggest earthquake to ever hit Australia, with a recorded magnitude of 6.6, rocked her hospital room.

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"We were nearly at the end of the labor, then the window, blinds and monitor machines starting shaking, Stephen explained. While it naturally had everyone in the room panicking more than they were already, something about the earthquake gave Alesha the final push she needed to give birth. Eight or nine pushes after the earthquake struck, Alesha and Stephen welcomed Ayla into the world.

While it will have undoubtedly been pretty terrifying at the time, the new parents have now been left with a pretty cool story to tell their daughter when she's old enough. Plus, something for Ayla to brag about to her friends when she starts school and even her own children a couple of decades from now. She probably won't meet many others during her lifetime that were born during an earthquake.

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