Mom Gives Birth Mid-Flight After Her Water Breaks On Plane

Nereida Araujo suddenly gave birth in an airplane on her way to see relatives for Thanksgiving. The event was sudden, and everyone wasn’t prepared for the arrival of a new baby girl as the plane was in the air. Thankfully, there were staff ready to help out.

Many unexpected things can happen when you’re pregnant. From suddenly swollen body parts to serious complications, pregnancy can churn out many surprises. In this light, women prepare themselves as much as they can for any curveballs that might come their way. However, they can only foresee so much.

On a flight to Pennsylvania, Araujo felt a pop in her lower back. She felt liquid, so she immediately woke up her husband. She was travelling with her two children as well, so she tried not to seem so panicked. Passengers around her quickly called for assistance, and thankfully there was someone who could help keep her calm while the plane was still in the air. The fellow flier helped her through the pain while they waited for the plane to touch down.

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Her flight, American Airlines Flight 868 from Tampa, requested for medical assistance right away when they landed. At the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Araujo and her family welcomed a baby girl to the world, Lizyana Sky Taylor. The pair was immediately transferred to a hospital after the infant was born.

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What was supposed to be a 20-minute layover turned out to be a whole different experience. No one in the family expected to welcome the little girl so early, and none of them could have foreseen that she wanted to come into the world while they were in the air. She’s named after the sky, where she was technically born, and she will forever have a unique story to tell when people ask about the origins of her name.

Araujo was very thankful to everyone who helped her throughout the whole ordeal. She describes them as her heroes, and she will remember them forever. For Thanksgiving, she had a lot to be thankful for: her baby, her family, and all the people who helped bring her child into the world safely despite the unique circumstances.

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