First-Time Mom Gives Birth Without Pain Drugs To 10lb 10oz Baby 2 Weeks Early

One mother shares how she gave birth to her 10lb 10oz baby without any pain medication.

All moms are amazing and are completely fascinating! Every mom is incredible no matter how they delivered their baby whether it was c-section, vaginally, with or without medications, at home or in the hospital.  Every labor is beautiful and you should always be proud of bringing life into this world! Jessica Drake is one of those outstanding mothers that we would like to highlight because she rocked her labor and delivery and pushed out a baby well over 10 pounds.

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Drake had no idea that she was going to deliver a big baby. There was no reason to suspect that her baby would be anything but average weight. She had planned to have an all natural water birth before she knew how large her baby was and so she started her labor process in Fatima Allam Birth Center. She started pushing in the tub and she was not getting anywhere. Her baby was completely stuck and she had to be transferred to get an assisted birth. Once she got there it was too late for her to receive any pain relief. She said, "I had wanted to have a water birth so I was in the birth center for the first half of my labor until I was transferred to the labor ward because I wasn't getting any further along from pushing." She continued, "At this point I couldn’t have any pain relief because I was too far along and on the labor ward I had to have an assisted birth with ventouse delivery."

Her daughter's due date was the 17th but she arrived on the 5th so she was two weeks early. Drake was in complete shock that her daughter was so big for being so early. It is absolutely insane that she was so large. Drake admitted that she didn't have anything that would fit her daughter in her hospital bag because she had only packed preemie and newborn clothes which were obviously too small for her. Drake said that she needed an assisted birth because her daughter's shoulders were stuck and that is when they knew she was probably going to be very large.

Lily-Grace was born and they put her on the scale and she weighed 10lbs and 10oz. The entire room was shocked at the size of the newborn. Lily-Grace is now six weeks old. She is already in 3-6 month clothing since she has already grown out of all the 0-3 size clothes. Drake says that she loves to "guzzle" her milk and she drinks 7oz at a time.

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