Mom Gives Birth to Twins on Russian Flight!

Planes are usually already pretty packed but this plane got a bit more crowded when two new passengers decided to make a surprise entrance. During an international flight from Zyryanka to Yakutsk, Irina Vasylkova started to feel labor pains! 

Noticing what was happenings, the staff quickly moved her up to a seat which provides more leg room an tried to assist her in relaxing hoping and wishing that she would give birth once they landed. "I told the pilot and he sped up the flight to make sure that we could arrive as early as possible," stewardess Christina Kondriatev said

The twins decided not to wait. Thankfully there was an obstetrician on board and helped deliver the bundles of joy safely! Once on the ground, mom and babies were brought to the hospital and are doing great. Oh and try will now be able to fly for free with Polar Airlines for life!  

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