Mom Hacks: Organization Tips For The Unorganized Parent

Let me be clear: I am by no means the world's most organized mom. My house is mostly functional. even with a toddler and a baby nearly running around after each other. But some of my friends really take the cake on organizational life skills. I've picked up a few of the best tips from these pros, and anytime I stick to these tips, my life automatically feels more "workable". And what mom wouldn't love a more orderly homelife - with less time invested?

Laundry Hacks Will Save Time Folding Clothes

Laundry doesn't mess around! Via Jen Hatmaker

Some of my favorite laundry life hacks focus on saving time and hassle later on. I personally live and die by my Amazon orders, so using a Dash button or subscribe-and-save option is my way to stay stocked on all my laundry needs. My sister uses an auto-ship from Grove! If you wind up having more detergent than you'll use, simply pause for a month. You will always need detergent, so long as you have messy children in your home.

Folding baby clothes together as outfits and filing them in a drawer will make a kid's closet look neat and tidy. But if you do the same with your clothes, you also shaved at least ten minutes off your morning routine! It's so much easier to grab an entire outfit and go! I've found that tiny baby clothes fit best in closet drawers with dividers, so I made my own out of stiff cardboard and scrapbook paper. I won't use them for more than a year, so temporary works for me!

Managing A Family Schedule

Keeping everything in one place makes scheduling much easier. Via The Think Farm

It can be easy to get turned around and accidentally double-book yourself when you're dealing with a hectic family schedule. I use a few apps to keep myself on schedule: Google Keep for shared grocery lists, Google Calendar for scheduling family events, even a meal plan board in a family command center. My husband knows he can check my calendar board before adding a commitment to our plate, so it works out as a handy communication tool, too!

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Keep Bathroom Cabinets Organized

Every Pinterest Mom knows to label their storage bins, right? Via Pinterest

Part of keeping kids safe in the bathroom is knowing that every possible harmful thing is locked up behind closed cabinet doors and out of baby's reach. The best way to make organizing easy is to purge your belongings. No, seriously. Purge, purge, purge. Have a pile for you to keep, to toss, and one for donating. After you cut yourself down to only ONE bottle of Tylenol (instead of three!), sort your medicine cabinet into bins.

I personally prefer to organize my medicine cabinet by illness. We have a "Cold" basket, a "Tummy Issues" bin, and a larger bucket of NSAID pain relievers. Our first aid sits on the shelf above in easy reach. I keep the counter clear and safe for my curious and adventurous toddler by applying a "daily use" bin system. Essentially, I keep everyone's most commonly used daily items in their bin on the countertop. Anything that isn't used daily goes inside a cabinet. This maximizes my counter space while making space ultimately easier to clean in two minutes per day.

Purge Your Belongings For A Minimalist Life Like Konmari

Do you really need more than three pink highlighters? Via YouTube, Origami Twist

In general, purge your things every now and then. If you reduce the amount of stuff you are sorting and keeping track of, you'll have an easier time sorting out the mess after your kids get their hands on it. Even though I have fewer things now, I still have random things that float into my life, like letters from Santa. Try using my "deal with it later" bin. If you don't care to spend the time to deal with said item and sort it into its place, it goes into the bin. The catch is, you actually have to commit to dealing with said bin at least once a week.

When you're organizing a room, think in terms of usage frequency: daily use, weekly use, monthly use, seasonal use - and store things in long-term storage as needed. This also helps me realize how very little we need to get by on a daily basis, reinforcing the notion that it is possible to be minimalist and joyful. If you'd like more of your belongings gone to free up floor space, consider adding vertical storage. Building a cabinet unit or shelving can make a space much more functional. It also creates the opportunity to store household essentials, too! I've been known to hide a roll of toilet paper under my own bed before. Living in a small space can be a challenge! That's why I swear by the saying: Less is more.

Ok, it turns out that most of my mom tips for leading a more organized life boil down to this: try to have less stuff to organize. I'm just as guilty as the next person for having a countertop full of random stuff. But when I find an organizational system that works and I stick with it, amazing things can happen!

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