As A Mom, I'm So Happy That Companies Are Coming Out With Kid-Friendly Cell Phones

My children are still a bit too young to discuss cell-phones since my oldest is only five years old. However, my husband and I are already talking about what our plan is when our children do get older and need cell-phones. I am already fearing the day when my children have phones because there are no good options out there for my children! There are no more flip phones unless they look like "burner" phones. And then the other option is to give my child a phone that has internet access. Why in the world would my 12-year-old need access to the internet? Nothing good could come from him having unlimited access to unsupervised Google searches. That just terrifies me!

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I was searching through Facebook and up popped an ad for Gabb Wireless and I was interested. I started looking into the company because I was interested in the idea of having another phone that isn't a flip phone and doesn't have internet access. The phone allows teenagers to be able to text, use off-internet features (calculator, notepad, etc) and obviously you can use the phone to call friends and family. Now, this is a phone that I can support for my children.

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Some people may say something like, "do you not trust your children?" And the answer is "No, kids are stupid!." Most children don't really look up something just to find a site that is questionable. Often, when kids find themselves on websites that are not appropriate is because they are looking up a question out of curiosity and they see things that they just might not have expected. Heck, things might pop up on their phone that they never were anticipating. When I was in 7th grade the other students were talking about the word "pimp" and I laughed because everybody else was laughing. They then all looked at me and said, "do you even know what a pimp is?" And I proudly said "yes" but I had absolutely no idea! So, naturally, I went home and I looked up "pimp" on the internet. A website popped up and I was traumatized and I clicked the exit button so quickly. I tell people the story while laughing because it really was such an innocent mistake. I truly believe that is how kids find themselves on inappropriate websites starting out.

I am very excited to know that I am not the only one who doesn't want their child to have unlimited access to the internet but wants them to have the option of talking and texting if they need to get a hold of a parent. I am grateful that when that time comes that we will actually have legitimate options to choose for our children.

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