This Mom Held A ‘Hiring Event' To Teach Her Kids About Jobs And Money

It can be tough preparing your child for the workforce. That’s why one single mom decided to hold a ‘hiring event’ to teach her kids the basics about jobs and money.

Shaketha McGregor, who hails from Dublin, George, shared her ingenious hack on Facebook and the original post has since gone viral. In the post, she explained she set-up a job fair to ‘surprise’ her children when they came home from after school. Shaketha is a mother of three. She has two daughters, 6-year old Serinity and 10-year old Takeia, as well as 13-year old Jahkeem.

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“When they came through the door it was kind of like a, ‘Yay!’ to an ‘Ohhhh. Really?’” the 30-yeaar old single mom told Good Morning America about their reaction. Shaketha had her kids ‘apply’ for jobs- aka. chores- through which they could earn an allowance from.

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She explained her kids had been asking for a number of things recently, including money for going out with friends and a cell phone. She thought this would be a clever way to teach them to work for the things they want. “I was like, ‘I don’t want to just give it to them,’” she revealed. “I want to do something different to make them work for [the money] this time around so they will appreciate it more.”

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Shaketha went on to reveal that her family has faced a variety of money challenges in the past, which is why she’s motivated to teach her kids about finances and responsibility from a young age. In 2016, the mom-of-three battled cancer and their budget became tight while having to pay for treatment. Tragedy struck again in 2018 when the family experienced a house fire, which destroyed many of their possessions.

The ‘hiring event’ featured three jobs that the kids could apply to: Kitchen Manager, Lead Housekeeper and Laundry Supervisor. The mom had her kids fill out actual paper applications for the positions. Shaketha admits her kids quickly got competitive about it. In the end, she said the kid with the best resume got their first choice of job.

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“My 6-year-old, I was more impressed with her application and her interview than my 13-year-old,” Shaketha went on. “And she said she could start immediately, and he needed a few days before he could start and she was a cheaper hire.” She did, however, allow her son to negotiate a higher pay.

Shaketha ended her Good Morning America interview by saying she hopes the skills she taught her kids during her impromptu job fair will stick with them for life. “Whether they’re applying for school or a new job or something, they can look back and say, ‘I did this with Mom all those years ago,’ ” she said.

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“Adulthood happens and it happens hard and sometimes you’re just not prepared for it,” Shaketha continued. “As a parent you want to protect your children from as much as possible but you know that eventually they’re going to have to go through it on their own and that’s why life’s greatest lessons are through experience.”

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