Mom Is Outraged After 2-Year-Old Is Disciplined For Saying A 'Dirty Word' At School

Profanities often slip out of the mouths of babes at least once. Most of the time, they're just repeating something they heard elsewhere, without realizing what it actually means. One mom found herself called into her son's nursery when staff told her he had said a "dirty" word in class. Only, when she got there, she was shocked to find out that the word her son was saying was "penis."

According to The Stir, the mother in question posted about the situation on Mumsnet. The nursery manager told the mom that her son said he liked his anatomy when one of the workers changed his nappy. Despite being totally innocent in his connotations, the staff were concerned by his use of the word. When the nursery manager said that the language was "inappropriate" the mom disagreed, and said he was using the proper name for his genitalia. What's so inappropriate about that?

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Before talking to the parent, the nursery staff chastised the child for saying the word and told him that it wasn't a "nice" thing to say. This didn't sit well with mom, who felt like her son had done nothing wrong. When the manager asked her to teach her son what was appropriate and what wasn't, the mother doubled-down on her stance and refused. She ended the conversation and went to collect her son. Confused and upset by the way the nursery handled the situation, the woman hoped to get a little support from her other half. However, when she later brought the subject up with her husband, he sided with the nursery.

According to him, using the term "willy" is far more socially acceptable, and the nursery was right in bringing it to their attention. Hoping to get a little bit of a wider perspective, the mother took to Mumsnet to ask other parents their opinion. A large majority of people backed her up, with one user saying that although there is a time and a place to be talking about private parts, "penis" isn't a bad word.

Others thought that the real issue was lost on the parent, and in fact, it was the context that worried the nursery. Mom was quick to point out that many two-year-old children don't know what is and isn't okay to say.

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