Mom Jumps Out of 2nd Story Window to Save Son!

When a fire broke out in her apartment building on Wednesday, Christina did not think twice about what she had to do to save the most important person in her life, her son! 

Christina ended up trapped in her bedroom with her 18 month old son. The flames were too close and too big and so her instincts kicked in and did what she had to do. "I grabbed my son and I gave him a kiss," the Massachusetts woman tells MyFox Boston. "Told him I love him and then I jumped." 

After jumping out of her two story window, she landed on her feet but collapsed due to breaking her back. However, her son who was so well protected by mommy was just fine. After a 6 hour surgery they do not know if she will ever walk again.  "It's so worth it because he's OK," says Simoes of her son. "It's amazing to see him perfectly fine and playing."

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